Writer Wednesday: From Foreign Climes

I’ve been promising my friend and fellow writer, Red Tash, to explain one day how I, an Oregonian, ended up living in London, England.  So, before curiosity drives her to do something drastic, I will tell the tale.  It’s honestly not that exciting.  But here goes …

I moved to London for a boy.  You might say I moved for Love.  And it would be true.  But unfortunately it didn’t work out, as these things are sometime wont to do.  Or not do.

It was a really painful time for me.  Unceremoniously dumped for another woman by a man who had professed to love me.  Stuck in a foreign country where I knew no one.  And all this within a short two years after escaping from an abusive marriage, the scars still fresh on my soul.  It would send anyone screaming back home.

And what an adventure it has been!  I have seen and experienced more of the world than I could have ever imagined.  I have discovered so many wonderful things, but the most wonderful of all is that I have rediscovered myself.But there is wanderlust in my blood.  A small dose, anyway, and I decided to look upon this as a Grand Adventure.

After nearly six years in this wonderful, vibrant city, I’m moving back home.   I miss my town.  I miss my family.  I miss the lifestyle.  But I’m moving back stronger, more confident, more sure of myself.  I’m coming back changed.  And I’m excited to start a new life in the city of my birth. 

Living abroad changes you.  It changes how you see the world.  It changes how you see yourself.  If you’re a writer, it even changes your writing.  So much of my life here has made its way into my writing, into my soul.

They say that when you hit rock bottom you’ve got two ways to go: Straight up and sideways.  Me, I chose straight up.


21 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: From Foreign Climes

  1. That we learn and grow stronger is the most important thing, Shea. Head held high, strong and confident – that is how one returns and that is how one continues on down the path. You are without a doubt one of the coolest people I’ve met on the net and I’m proud to be your friend no matter where you live – it is you, that counts.

    Peace on your journeys 😀

  2. Shea, I’ve had a lot of adversity in my life. I’ve always tried to approach my struggles with a bit of humor. You’ve approached your struggles with a bit of coolness. I highly admire you.

  3. You sure did go straight up!

    I understand why you didn’t really want to write about the reasons for moving. I’m sorry if I scared you! I am a nosy journalist, after all. Always asking the tough questions. ((((((hugs)))))))

    While I’m sure this is a big decision and you’re only going to grow in excitement about the move home (to one of the hippest cities in the country, fer sure), I do hope you will still regale us with tales of life abroad as they come to you. I love the UK stories so much, and six years of them is a lot to share, I think! *push push*

    As for that guy…you know, I changed colleges once for a boy. Not the same thing as moving continents, but it ended up about the same, and I had to start over, make friends, find a life, as well. I was almost homeless, but for the mercy of my landlord. Age 20 and no parental support, either. I had to drop out of college for a couple of years. Definitely a formative experience.

    Still, anyone presented with the same choices who *won’t* make a long distance move for love, I pity. It takes faith, sacrifice, bravery, and more optimism than mostpeople are blessed with. Those are traits no one can ever take away, and they pretty much ensure you’ll find your way to happiness, even in tough times.

    1. Me? Scared? Shoo. 😉

      And I am well aware of your nosy journalistic self. 😉 heehee

      Don’t worry, there will definitely be more adventures to be shared. I have a 5 day beach trip to the South Coast planned for next month. Should be lots of pretty pictures and history and maybe a food laughs. And definitely food. 😉 I might even share some of my wild dating stories and how my dad almost killed me in the Peak District …

  4. Well, I have lived in both Manchester and Stockholm and I always say living abroad is the best education one can get. It teaches you to think outside of the box and I know it has definitely made my writing stronger and more international. I just don’t think of locales in the States anymore when wondering where my novel should take place. My characters have gone to France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and many other places. I don’t think I would have thought like this at all had I not traveled Europe.

    America is great but never underestimate how great it is to travel. Good luck with your move back home, my dear, and we must get together for a drink, either on your turf or mine. Vegas and P-Town aren’t that far from one another. 😉

  5. Love makes anyone do impulsive and sometimes stupid things. But for a writer, every mistake, every pain and heartbreaks we get is a new leap to writing. a new character, a new idea… Going abroad is indeed very inspiring! It’s always been my dream to travel all around the world.

  6. You a strong girl! And I am glad that the move has been positive for your writing. I want to travel for this reason. A change of scenery can do wonders for the inspiration. 🙂 Happy writing!!

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