Writer Wednesday: Oh, the Glamorous Lives We Do Lead

Yesterday was my birthday and, once again, I was so busy living the glamorous life of an author I didn’t have chance to write a blog post.

You may be wondering about what happens in my glamorous life.  Is it all red carpet events and cocktail parties?  Book signings and movie stars and limo rides?

Oh, for sure.  I even have a poolboy. <cough>

The truth is that the “glamour” of my everyday life extends to wearing my pajamas all day.  Writing until my shoulders ache.  Forgetting to eat lunch until my stomach starts growling at me.  Chatting to other authors online and discovering they’re all just as neurotic as I am.

It’s a wonderful life!

But yesterday was a little closer to the red carpet than I usually get.  A pub lunch, dinner at a Mexican eatery, and Singin’ In The Rain at the theatre in the West End.  It was fun.  It was fabulous.  It was glamorous!

But now back to the real world.  Or at least my “real” world.  You know, the one where dragons hunt the night skies and survivors of the Wars fight for their very right to exist … yeah, that “real” world.

And that’s the thing we authors need to remember.  Taking a break from our imagination to live the glorious life (whatever that may be) only serves to fire the imagination and fuel the creative machine.

I really need to get out more.

Or maybe I just need to hire that poolboy …


8 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Oh, the Glamorous Lives We Do Lead

  1. Maybe both, get out more and find a pool boy? Congrats on the birthday and taking a bit of time to relax and enjoy life. By the way, sounds more like you could use a good masseuse that looks like a pool boy. Just pointing that out.

    Who is neurotic? Writers? No way! *twitch*

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a lovely day. Is it me or does that guy look unnaturally tall next to those trees? 🙂

  3. That does sound like a good time. I’m still dying to know how you managed to move your real life from this side of the pond to that one. I know that w/ four kids, I will more than likely never, ever, ever be able to do such a thing, but I still love to live vicariously through ex-pats like you.

    My pool boys are of the under ten set! And they prefer slip & slides to pools. 🙂

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