Mythos Monday: More Angels and Aliens

By now you’ve probably figured out that not only am I obsessed with Ancient Aliens, but that I’m also obsessed with the supernatural in general and the theory that much of what we view as the “supernatural” could be explained by, well, aliens.

Granted, this is not the only theory I find fascinating, but it sure is a fun one.  Especially in light of a new series I’m working on which involves … you guessed it!  Angels and aliens.  Or rather, angels that are aliens.  But I digress.

The other night I was watching Ancient Aliens: Angels and Aliens and, as usual, found myself glued to the screen.  I mean, we’ve talked about the Nephilim (the Watchers) before and how they got their hey nonny nonny on with human chicks and caused a ruckus, but what about other angelic visitors?  Could what history describes as angels really be a mistaken interpretation of visitors from another world?

After all, the original Hebrew word that was translated to mean “angel” in fact means “messenger”.  The original Greek word translated to mean “angel” in fact means simply “intermediary.”  Hmmm … that’s a bit different.  Could these “messengers” really have just been intermediaries between the “head aliens” and humans?

Could the depiction of angelic wings really just be symbols to say these beings could fly?  And not with actual wings, but with some advanced technology perhaps similar to today’s jet packs?

I mean, look at it.  You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like a pair of wings sprouting out of that guy’s back.  Especially to early humans who had never seen an airplane before.

Could the various “angelic visitations” noted throughout history and religion really have been visitations of another kind?

If so, what about the “angelic visitations” that still go on today?  Are the aliens still here?  Still interfering in the lives of humans for good or ill?  Now there’s some food for thought.  Or at least the start to a really good story …

What do you think?  Angels or aliens?

And just for kicks, here’s part of the episode I was watching, Ancient Aliens: Angels & Aliens:

4 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: More Angels and Aliens

  1. Aliens make more sense to me. Angels, you mean the good boys that did what “daddy” said? Hm, not likely, ever met a boy that knew how to follow instructions. Anyway, aliens, which sounds fascinating. You make a great point about the jet pack looking like wings, but somehow I think the aliens would have something less bulky, perhaps a jet pack that looks like a real set of wings or a genetic enhancement?

    Interesting stuff, Shea 🙂

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