Writer Wednesday: Kreativ Blogger Awards


I’ve been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Craig Hallam (Thanks Craig!).  I was also nominated for a similar award by Daphnee some time back.  So, here you go, Daphnee.  Sorry for being so late. 😉

So, the deal is I have to nominate 6 other bloggers for the KBA, and then answer 10 questions about myself which you probably didn’t know.  Maybe.

Here goes.

The nominees are:

Jack Wallen for bringing blood, glitter, and fabulousness to the world.

PJ Jones for making me laugh until I wet myself.

Gene Lempp for sharing the amazing facts and theories of history and mythology.

M. Edward McNally because when he does actually blog, he’s quite interesting an amusing.

Robyn Porter because she loves the paranormal as much as I do.

L. M. Pruitt because she is my critique partner and would totally kick my ass if I didn’t include her.  Also, you gotta love a woman who blogs about books AND food.

Now, on to the ten things you (probably) didn’t know about me.  Well, some of you may know them, but most people don’t.

1.  The very first story I can really remember writing (in its entirety) was called “Paul and I Are Pirates”.  It was (badly) illustrated by yours truly with magic markers and held a very suspicious resemblance to The Swiss Family Robinson complete with pirates and booby traps.  It even had a pink construction paper cover.  I’m pretty sure my mother still has it hidden away somewhere.  Hopefully in a very dark hole.

2.  In grade school and Jr. High I played the French horn.  I was even in a snazzy youth orchestra.  I quit because I got ridiculously bored and wanted to learn to play piano instead.  The French horn is still one of my favorite instruments.

3.  I love the sound of bagpipes.

4.  I am a trained massage therapist.  Went to school, was licensed, and everything.  I no longer practice as a job, but I do give friends and family free treatments occasionally.  Because I’m nice like that.

5.  I once dated an actual Rocket Scientist.  Do you have any idea how many great jokes I get out of that?

6.  I used to have a secret yearning to be a hippie driving around in a VW van, playing my guitar, and camping on the beach.  Except I hate camping.  I can’t play guitar.  And hygiene is important.

7.  My recipe for brownies was published in a cookery book here in the UK: Cook Yourself Thin On A Budget.  As you might have guessed, this was for a low-fat brownie recipe.  But they’re still ridiculously moist and delicious and pretty much my go-to dessert when I need a chocolate fix.

8.  I’m an introvert.  While I don’t mind the occasional party or outing into the City and often come off as being very outgoing and bubbly, I’m actually quite shy and prefer to be alone most of the time.  I could easily be a crazy cat lady living in the middle of the forest.  Only minus the cats since I’m allergic.

9.  I actually tried haggis once.  Not only is it as vile tasting as it sounds, it smells even worse.

10. My idea of success is being able to afford to pay someone else to clean your house.

So, probably none of that surprised you overmuch.  But it was good fun anyway. 🙂

What’s a fun fact about you?


2 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Kreativ Blogger Awards

  1. SQWEEE! Thanks for the award, Shea 🙂

    By the way, since this is my first Kreativ I’m totally gonna link it to you. Love your list, we have much in common (imagine) although I’m sure you’re the better cook. Does that bit ‘o knowledge count as the one thing about me. Hope so. I’ll save the rest for when I pass the award on/acceptance speech/stroll down the red carpet gala 🙂

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