Writer Wednesday: Writer’s Block

Okay, I don’t really have writer’s block.  In fact, it’s fairly rare for a writer to actually have writer’s block.


Because for a natural writer, lack of ideas isn’t the problem.  More like the overwhelming avalanche of awesomeness that will never get written.  THAT’S the problem.

Well, and sometimes getting from Point A to Point B in a logical manner.

Oh, and then there’s the whole muses being big fat jerks problem.  Like right now.  I’m supposed to be working on Dragon Lord, but the muses won’t shut up.  THEY want to be working on A Rage of Angels instead.

“Murder, mayhem, angels, aliens, SPACESHIPS … what’s not to like?” asks Muse One

“Yeah,” chimes in Muse Two.  “What she said.”

“But I’m supposed to be writing about dragons and apocalypses, ” I point out with unfailing logic.  (I’m pretty good at logic.  When it suits me.)

Their reply?

I believe the exact words were “Thppppt!” 
So, there you go.  Writer’s block has absolutely nothing to do with blockage of any sort.

Call them what you will: Muses, gremlins, or demons.  THEY’RE the ones to blame.

Now back to those aliens …



14 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Writer’s Block

  1. I hear that. You’ve got to write what your heart is moving you toward.

    Tim is really stuck right now. He does “ideas” like crazy, but he’s stuck in the corporate grind and daily routine and hasn’t figured out how to make it over that hump yet.

    Did you ever have a time like that? How did you get past it?

    I used to write on my lunch breaks, or go into work early and write while the office was empty, but these two things haven’t worked for him.

    1. Oh, I absolutely had those times! I’ve only been writing full time since October. I was kind of lucky because I had times that were quiet at work and I could write then. I’d also write on the weekends, set aside a couple hours a day or something to just really sit down and write. I wrote my first two (and a half) novels this way.

      1. Part of me is tempted to kick him out of the house, to go write…I used to have to do that. But I selfishly enjoy his company. And at the same time, I *can’t* do this for him, you know? Can’t manage him into doing it. Urgh. Argh. Thanks for listening. I’m glad you got to be a full-time writer. I’m glad I get to be one, too. We are lucky ladies. The diff. is you have your awesome fans to thank and I have my awesome Tim (for now). God love him. ❤

  2. I’ve had muses that wanted me to tell their story while I was telling a different story. I quietly took out a notebook wrote a few scribbles to appease the muse and got back to my original work.

    RED: I hope that Tim will figure it out. Maybe heading to a coffee shop or the library? Sometimes I get up an hour earlier than usual to get in some writing time.

  3. Muses can definitely be a pain in the ass. I thought I would be able to finish Better Off Dead and start Summerlin but somehow, I think I will be writing the sequel in The Plague series about the same time. Perhaps the dose of reality will help me with the apocalyptic aspects of writing Apocalypse 2012: Book II from The Plague series.

    Argh, I digress. We are luckier than we know. Better to have too many ideas on the burner than none at all. 😉

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