Fantastical Friday: Perry Mason, Vampires, and a Merry Festivus!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Finished all your Christmas shopping?  Yeah, me neither.  I’m on strike. 😉

Fantastical Videos:

I am a lover of b-movies.  Those fantastical sci-fi and horror movies of the 50s and 60s.  So bad they were good.  Remember those?  (Or at least the reruns on the SciFi Channel back when they actually played sci-fi.)

So, imagine the thrill of joy when I discovered this little gem:

Yes, people, it’s a REAL movie.  And it’s full of cheesetastic awesomeness.

Okay, okay, I know it’s Christmas in like two days and I should be doing something Christmassy.  How about one of my favorite scenes from the movie Elf and one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols?


Fantastical Winner:

Gene Lempp come on down!  You are the winner of a copy of Jack Wallen’s Die Zombie Die.  I think you have my email, so drop me a quick one and I’ll be sure you get your copy.  Congrats!

Friday Book Club:

Fancy a bit of holiday reading? How about 9 short stories by 9 different authors celebrating the winter holidays?  The Holiday Collection is just 99 cents on Amazon and FREE on Barnes & Noble.

Meanwhile, I’m reading a few things right now.  Anne R Allen’s Sherwood, Ltd. is the hilarious follow up to Ghost Writers in the Sky.  It’s sort of cozy mystery meets chick lit.

Then there’s Danielle Blanchard’s Death Wish, the first novel in her Vamp Saga.  I’m only a little way in, but I’m liking it so far!  Gotta love a good vamp tale.  This one promises to be a doozie.  Heck, there’s even a sex and violence warning!  (Yeehaw!)  It’s also available in paperback, for those of you who prefer it old school.

Finally, I’ve just started reading Atticus for the Undead by John Abramowitz.  I’m only a few chapters in, but again, this promises to be a fun read.  It’s like Perry Mason gave up his law practice in LA, moved town, and started defending vampires (And other supernatural creatures – except we can’t call them that because it’s rude.  They are “arcanes”).  I was a die hard Perry Mason fan growing up (Re-runs!  Sheez, I’m not THAT old.), so for me, this is a good thing.

Sheer Fantasticalness!

There’s just one thing left for me to do, whether you celebrate Yule, Solstice (yes, I know it’s passed), Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Festivus, 09or Christmas – or something else entirely – may it be filled with magic, wonder, and lots and lots of glitter!

Happy Friday, Merry Christmas, and I’ll see ya on the flip side!


9 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Perry Mason, Vampires, and a Merry Festivus!

  1. Woot! Now I have tons to read over the holidays. I’m partway into Kissed by Smoke (super awesomeness) and Die, Zombie, Die sounds like a fun way to bring in the New Year. Thanks, Shea (and Jack). Happy zomholidays 🙂

  2. I would still love to hear how you ended up living in the UK, sometime. That photo is the stuff dreams are made of.

    We love Elf in this house, and keep it holy all year through! If you call me, I might even answer the phone “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” I used to do that when I worked at the bank. Like, all the time. 😉

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