Writer Wednesday: Jon Bon Jovi is ALIVE! (And so is Kissed by Smoke)

Imagine my horror when one of my all-time favorite singers died yesterday.  I almost had a melt down.

Fortunately Google is my friend and Jon Bon Jovi was really in New Jersey.  Not heaven.  Though I can totally see how you might confuse the two.  Heh.

The only thing I gotta say is watch him over the next few years.  Will he age?

In honor of Bon Jovi’s non-death, I present my favorite Bon Jovi song:

Appropriate, no?  Not to mention Young Guns is quite possibly one of the most kick ass movies ever made.  (Christian Slater, Lou Diamond Phillips … need I say more?)

And what better way to celebrate the non-death of Bon Jovi than to publish the third novel in the Sunwalker Saga.  Ladies, gentlemen, aliens, and outlaws, I present to you Kissed by Smoke:

Morgan Bailey is looking forward to a nice, quiet birthday.  Fate has other plans.

A psychotic sidhe is on the loose: A fairy so powerful, not even a Hunter can stop him. But with the help of the Fairy Queen, Morgan is determined to try. She soon finds herself crashing a steampunk party, hunting down rednecks, having tea with a genie king, and battling Mongolian Death Worms.

Unfortunately there is more to the sidhe’s plans than meets the eye and his endgame spells disaster not just for his own people, but for human kind as well.

Plus a BONUS READ short story:

“Let’s Ride”

Zala Lei’s bid to stop a dangerous criminal leads her to Omicron 5 and a very special box of surprises. She can only hope that what she finds in the box is enough to stop evil in its tracks.

Available NOW on:



Amazon UK

Amazon France

Amazon Germany

7 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Jon Bon Jovi is ALIVE! (And so is Kissed by Smoke)

  1. Hi ya! Just wondering when Kissed by Smoke will be available through Barnes and Noble. I’m a Nook reader.
    Thanks for the great books. Jack Wallen recommended you and I’m so happy he did.
    Happy Holidays,

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