Mythos Monday: Kobo and the Fairy Queen

I’m really thrilled to let you all know that Dragon Warrior is now available on Kobo!  No word yet on when Kissed by Darkness and Kissed by Fire will be available there, but I’m sure it will be soon.  I’ll definitely let you know as soon as it happens.

This is so exciting because I know that the Kobo ereader is proving hugely popular and is also, supposedly, one of the better ereaders on the market right now.  Also, I really want to make sure all of my lovely readers are able to read my books in whatever electronic format suits them.  Wahoo!


Now, as you know, Kissed by Smoke, is going to be out soon.  So, I thought today’s post should be about one of the supernatural races who make an appearance in this book, in fact, they’re going to be a bit part of the rest of the series.  Who are they?

The sidhe.

Yeah, yeah.  I see you staring at me blankly.  Sidhe (SHEE) isn’t exactly a term you hear thrown around much.

The sidhe are, basically, fairies.  But not those flitty little Disney things that look cute.  No, not at all.  The sidhe are powerful, magical beings who have, throughout the centuries, been worshiped as gods.  They live in an alternate reality, able to pass quite easily between their world and ours.  To attract a sidhe means trouble.  To anger a sidhe is a death sentence.

My sidhe are a little different than the traditional sidhe of myth and legend.  You know me, I gotta mix things up a bit!

The sidhe of Morgan Bailey’s world do not have a single face.  Their faces are constantly changing, molding and shaping new features every few seconds.  Of course their glamour is so strong this is not something a normal human can see, but Morgan is not exactly a normal human so she can see this shift.  It’s how she can tell when a sidhe’s in the room and it’s how she knows to lay low.


Unfortunately, the Fairy Queen has decided to take an interest in Morgan …

My all time favorite fairy story has got to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Bard himself.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

What’s your favorite tale of the fae?


Also, don’t forget to stop by Friday’s post and leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Jack Wallen’s Die Zombie Die.


7 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: Kobo and the Fairy Queen

  1. You had me at Morgan meets Sidhe (probably not buying her drinks, although that would be cool). Love the Sidhe, like elves on steroids. Yeah. Or something. Can’t wait to see it Shea!

    Favorite fae story, I’m probably weird here but I love the story behind the movie “Legend” (the one with a young Tom Cruise as the hero).

  2. My only issue, is that it is now 12/20 and Kissed by Smoke is not available yet.. How I am supposed to make it through a visit with the in-laws without a good escape???? Please take pity on us…

    1. I do apologize, Perry. There was a delay with the formatting and I’m still. waiting for the finished product. As soon as I have it I will upload it to Smashwords and Amazon. Promise!

      1. No worries! Keep up the good work. I just found your books the other day, and I bought them for my kindle. Loved the Sunwalker storyline. Finished KBF last night and thought I would check on the next book, this morning. Bought DW instead since it was available, and then discoved on your blog space that KBS was due to out today… lucky me. Since your other readers have had to wait longer than me, I guess a few more days won’t kill me.

        The monster-in-law might do me in.. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and as I said earlier “Keep up the good work!”

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