Mythos Monday: A Very Steampunk Christmas

What does steampunk have to do with mythology or, indeed, paranormal-supernatural-whatsis?  No idea.  But you all know I love me some steampunky goodness, so I just had to sneak it into the Christmas holiday somehow!

What is steampunk anyway?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and speculative fiction that is set in a time or place where steam power (and often clockworks) is still widely used.  The most common settings are Victorian era Britain or “Wild West” era United States.  Also steampunk incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy so you might find anything from spaceships to zombies.  Which totally rocks my world!  Jules Verne and HG Wells are early examples of the genre.  And two of my favorite contemporary steampunk authors are Gail Carriger and Meljean Brook.

But what, you ask, does steampunk have to do with Christmas?  Um, nothing.  Except that like I mentioned last Monday, Christmas as we celebrate it today came to us from the Victorians.  And Victorian EVERYTHING goes just swimmingly with steampunk.  So, I think it’s kind of fun to give a nod to Christmas origins, so to speak.

I just love this BBC series on making your own Victorian Christmas.  It’s full of cheesetastic goodness.  And who doesn’t need a mistletoe kissing ball in their front room? I know I do!  Or I would if I had a front room.  But I digress.  Even if you don’t hanker after a bit of greenery this Christmas, check it out.  SAUCY!

Isn’t he a naughty man? (Yes, I typed that with a pseudo-British accent.  I’m actually not bad at it after five years among the natives.)

If you’re going to go caroling this Christmas, you really must dress appropriately for the occasion.  It’s so wonderfully Dickensian.  You can buy one of your very own from Gypsy Lady Hats.

Heck, I’d even wear one Christmas shopping.  Just because I can.

I stumbled across A Clockwork Christmas while I was perusing the internets for more steampunky goodness.  I have no idea if it’s a decent read or not, but they pretty much had me at “clockwork”, so it’s top on my Wish List.

My little Christmas tree is just five inches tall, so I’m not sure how steampunk I can make it.  (Heck, I don’t think the poor thing could withstand anything heavier than tinfoil.)  But I do adore this steampunk Christmas tree.  Maybe next year.

I do love putting a bit of the old fashioned into my Christmas.  I grew up stringing popcorn and making gingerbread men for the tree.  I still make gingerbread, but not for the tree! 🙂  Old fashioned red and white peppermint candy canes are a must.  Homemade Christmas cookies and candies, not to mention pies, can always be found at my house (made by yours truly).  And my favorite tree ornaments are the old fashion blown glass type (I collect them).

What’s your favorite “old fashioned” steampunky Christmas (or Yule) tradition?


6 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: A Very Steampunk Christmas

  1. Does Santa’s sleigh have a steam engine or is it just what he feeds the reindeer that makes the steam power? Just wondering.

    Love the steampunk, Victorian-flavored holiday goodness, Shea 🙂

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