Fantastical Friday: Things That Make You Go … Sparkle?

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  Time flies when you’re editing and rewriting like a crazy person, I guess.

Video Goodness:

Today’s video seriously made me laugh.  Out loud.  Which was mildly embarrassing since I was alone at the time.  Then again, it could have been worse.  I could have snorted coffee up my nose or something.

Oh, that amuses me no end.  Probably Twilight fans will have kittens over that one, but I think it’s damn funny.

Linky Love:

As usual, there are all kinds of fun and exciting things happening around the interwebs.

First off, Jack Wallen is talking about the 10 Things I Learned From B-Horror.  Not only is it funny, but it might just save your life.  Okay, it probably won’t save your life, but it’s still really funny and there are some excellent tips for world domination.

And speaking of world domination, author Tara West is determined to take over the world one paranormal YA book at a time.  The first book of her Whispers series, Sophie’s Secret, is FREE on Smashwords.  So, go pick yourself up a copy!

Imagine the horrors of high school compounded by the ability to read people’s minds.  EGAD!  As if the teenage years weren’t bad enough.  Trust me, I had perpetual bad hair days and off-brand jeans.  It was not pretty.  I can’t imagine topping that off with paranormal powers.

Love steampunk?  You gotta check out this site,  Everything from funky body art to steampunk cyborgs.  Awesome.  There’s even a fun webseries for your reading pleasure.

Spot of Smexy:

This week the King of Blood and Glitter is talking corsets over on his blog.  Nothing smexier than a corset (When worn properly, that is.  Not when squeezing people into unnatural shapes).  Nom.

Corsets can do the figure a world of good: Flatten the tummy, boost the boobs, straighten the posture.  And they’re not an exclusively female garment.  Like the skirt, corsets for men are making a comeback.  Not just at steampunk conventions or on B & D sites, either, but on the high fashion runway.

I say BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday Book Club:

Although I’m still super busy with rewrites and whatnot, I’ve had a little more time to read this week.  Which means I’ve really gotten stuck in to Gothica will finally get a chance to finish it.  Man I am loving this book. Murder, mayhem, and a touch of the paranormal.  It’s the perfect psychological thriller.

Killers die … but sometimes their souls refuse to disappear.

Can we say creepy?

I’ve also stuck my toes in the water of Ghost Writers In The Sky.  I bought it awhile back, but this is the first chance I’ve had to read it.  It’s incredibly well written, funny, and entertaining.  Love a cozy mystery?  This one’s for you.

And that’s all for now.  What are you reading and loving this week?

Have a fabulous Friday and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

8 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Things That Make You Go … Sparkle?

  1. Nearly made me spew coffee all over my desk with that clip. Wow!

    Corsets for men, hmmm, that would be an interesting way to get rid of the middle age man expansion my bodies been adding. Have to look into that. Thanks, Shea 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out!! I’m so glad you enjoyed Ghostwriters. (Which actually was supposed to be one word, but got a little mixed up when Mark put it on Amazon.) Sherwood, Ltd, the sequel, debuted this week. More silliness, only this time it’s in Merrie Olde England instead of CA wine country. And corsets do make an appearance. Leather ones. A little more kink than steampunk, though. The Twilight spoof is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. This is entrapment! You know that I can’t resist anything Steampunky. And then you show me corsets. Bestill my beating heart! Xerposa is an awesome site. So much good stuff on there!

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