Writer Wednesday: Fantasy Movie Cast and Nommiliciousness

Okay, I just have to share this with you all because it’s seriously my yummiest cover EVER!  The cover for Book 2 in the Dragon Wars series – Dragon Lord!

Can we say nom?  Yes.  Yes, I think we can.  Actually, that was pretty much the first thing out of my mouth when I saw this cover for the first time.

Dragon Lord will be out next year sometime in February, so stay tuned!

A lot of you have also been asking about the next book in the Sunwalker Saga, Kissed by Smoke.  Here’s a copy of the cover:

I just love it.  It fits right in with the rest of the series.  Even better, it will be available on Amazon and Smashwords on 20 December 2011!  And on Barnes & Noble shortly thereafter, if not the same day.  I’ll keep you posted.

Okay, back to business.

So, for today’s Writer Wednesday, I thought I’d do something a little different.  I’d like to introduce you to the characters of the world of Dragon Wars ala the Fantasy Casting Couch! <cough>  Or, I mean, uh Fantasy Movie Cast!

I’m not sure if you saw this when it was posted a few weeks ago, but this is a Polyvore collage I did for Rain Mauri:

Rain Mauri - Dragon Wars

It’s 25 years after the apocalypse, so you can’t exactly pop down to your local House of Targét for the latest designer knock off.  What’s a girl to do?

Rain Mauri is a Tracker for the compound of Sanctuary.  That means comfort comes first.  Don’t want to break a heel while exploring underground bunkers or fighting off dragons.  Rain can usually be found sporting a pair of well-worn jeans, a beat up old leather jacket, and some seriously kick-ass boots.  Not to mention a little homemade bling.

Who says the Apocalypse can’t be sexy?

I think it captures everything Rain is: Tough, sexy, and hell on wheels.  And who better to play the post-apocalyptic goddess than the exotically beautiful Milla Jovovich?

Although I generally prefer actresses with a little more meat on their bones, in Ms. Jovovich’s case, I’ll make an exception.  Besides, this is the freaking apocalypse.  There isn’t exactly a McDonald’s on every street corner any more.

Lieutenant Micah Caine, former Army man and current Dragon Warrior, is one heck of a hottie.  I’ve gotta say, the model on the cover pretty much encapsulates how I see Micah, but we need to find an actor to play the part, right?

Talk about a Herculean task.  They’re either too pretty or not pretty enough.  Too clean cut, or too Brad Pit The Greasy Years.  YIKES!

But I think I’ve found the perfect actor: Ian Somerhalder.  Yes, I know he looks about twelve most of the time, but he’s actually well into his 30s and when he’s scruffy … holy heck!  Also, those piercing blue eyes are SO Micah Caine.

Also, he’s really good at intense and smoldering, so I think he’ll definitely portray that side of Micah very well.

And now we’ve got the twins and Rain’s surrogate brothers, Sutter and Elan Nielsen.  Sutter has a shaved head and Elan has dreads, but for your viewing pleasure we’ll go with this shot of the nommolicious Jesse Williams.

Isn’t he pretty?  Now imagine TWO of him.

The world may never be the same.

So, what do you think, my friends?  Is this how you envisioned the merry men (and woman) of the apocalypse?  Or is there someone else you’d like to see play the part?


9 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Fantasy Movie Cast and Nommiliciousness

  1. Morgan is looking especially yummy and what was that 20 December!!! SQUEE! Loved the first two can’t wait for the next Kiss! Great Christmas present for us, Shea. Thanks 😀

  2. I started working on a cast list a few weeks ago, and put it on the backburner. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! I thought I would roll out a different actor every Friday, but that would mean I’d have to make *decisions.*

    The Dragon Lord cover is pretty scary. Those eyes! 😐

    Your productivity amazes me. I am so in awe of your pace. I bow down before your greatness.

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