Fantastical Friday: Were-Things, Succubi, and More Men in Skirts

Wow, can you believe it’s Friday again?  And have I got a doozy for you.

Fantastical Video:

It’s an oldie but a goodie, here’s a classic from Ellen:

That never ceases to make me spew my beverage all over my computer screen.

Linky Love:

PJ Jones continues her public service announcements with The Were-Thing or Shape-Shifter Guide To Not Behaving Like a Pathetic Pussy.  It’s a must read for all were-things.  Or anyone who just feels they need to giggle like a loon for the next fifteen minutes.

If you missed it, be sure to check out an interview with the Zombie King himself, Mr. Jack Wallen, over at Sable City.  Jack and M. Edward McNally talk Shero, Captain Crunch, and training bras.  Seriously.

And don’t forget the latest Indie Chick’s story from Lizzy Ford, The Phoenix and The Darkness.  It will move you.  Probably toward a box of tissues.  It will also inspire you.  Thanks to Lizzy for sharing something so personal and meaningful.

Fantastical Winner:

And speaking of Lizzy, the winner of Monday’s contest and the first two books in Lizzy Ford’s War Gods series is Natalie Hartford.  Congrats, Natalie!  I really hope you enjoy the books. 🙂

Friday Book Club:

Julia Crane and Talia Jager have joined forces to create a beautiful new paranormal tale, Mesmerized.

If the cover alone isn’t enough to make you gobble it up, how about a blurb:

Seventeen-year-old succubus Lily Anderson can’t have a normal life: She isn’t allowed a boyfriend, she has no friends, and school is just one mess-up after another.

Lily’s parents send her away to the prestigious Emerson Academy. It doesn’t appear to be any different from the others. That is, until she meets her roommate, Hannah, and a blue-eyed boy named Jake.

Lily makes an almost deadly mistake, and Jake has a mysterious past that has come back to haunt him. Together, they must go on the run from things neither of them understand in order to save the people they love—and each other. But, Jake’s foe is more dangerous than they realized, and it will take the help of friends and family to save the man Lily loves.

She must learn to use her powers for good before it’s too late.

Friday Fabulousness!

And finally, your dose of fabulous.  I know I might sound like a broken record, but I do love a man in a skirt

Nom, nom, NOM!

And hey, if it’s good enough for Vin Diesel (and seriously, who is more manly than Vin Diesel?), then it’s good enough for … well, just about anyone.  Right?  Right.

So, listen up, guys: Kilt, skirt, whatever you want to call it, get to wearing.  You’ll thank me later.

Happy Friday everyone!  And I’ll see you on the flip side.



8 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Were-Things, Succubi, and More Men in Skirts

  1. You know I’m all about men in skirts — especially ME! Seriously guys, grow a pair and give it a go. Besides, once you go skirt, you’ll know how to flirt. Oh, that was lame. Sorry. I should delete that, but I always own up to my mistakes.

    Be fabulous everyone.

  2. WAHOOOO!!! I can’t believe I won something! I am sooo super pumped!!! Thank you Shéa and Lizzy…can’t wait to read the books! MUAH! xoxox
    That Ellen video was HYSTERICAL!! OMG…loved it…and loved Vin Disel in a skirt…me oh my! Got my mojo going today. Yikes! LOL!
    Happy weekend!!!

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