Fantastical Friday: More Sassy Gay Friend and The Winners!

Let’s start this Friday off right with a Fantastical Video.

See.  Straight men need a sassy gay friend, too!

Linky Goodness:

Down To Earth is one of my favorite blogs.  Rhonda talks about such wonderfully practical stuff like making your own soap, growing things, and making the most of what you have.  It’s, well, down to earth.  And in her usual, practical style, this week she’s shared her tips on being prepared.  Not necessarily for a zombie apocalypse, but for the very real possibility of natural disasters.  After what happened in Australia last year (among other things), being prepared is only smart.  So, check out one of the best lists out there and get yourself ready for whatever comes your way.

Want a chance to win an Amazon gift card?  You know you do!  Hop on over to Julia Crane’s Gratitude Giveaways Blog Post.  And while you’re at it, check out some of her other great posts.

Fantastic Winners:

Monday’s post was all about the Wild Hunt and Heather Marie Adkins fantastic novel The Temple.  And guess what?  It’s time to announce the winners!  So, Gene Lempp, Prudence MacLeod, and EvilNymphStuff come on down!  Send me your email address shealunaria (at) yahoo (dot) com and I’ll have Heather send you the ebook.   Congrats!!!

Dose of Smexy:

I have searched the interwebs for something smexy to bring you.  And bring I have.  Check out this photo of the glamorous Charlize Theron from her upcoming movie Snow White and the Hunter.  I am SO there!

Friday Book Club:

To be honest, between my own rewrites for Kissed by Smoke and the beta reading I’m doing, I haven’t had a lot of time for pleasure reading.  So, I’m turning this portion over to you, my dear peeps.  What are you reading this week?

That’s all folks.  Have a fabulous, fantastical weekend and I’ll catch ya on the flip side!

11 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: More Sassy Gay Friend and The Winners!

  1. Too awesome! I can’t wait to read The Temple, love the Wild Hunt and the premise is intriguing. (I’d say SQUEE! but are guys allowed to say that?) 🙂

    That also qualifies as what I’m reading. With NaNoWriMo, work and kids the most I’ve read in the last two weeks is the dictionary.

    Fun stuff, Shea. Love the “Sassy Vids”!

  2. YAY winners!! I shall email as soon as I receive everyone’s addy. Gene… Off to email you now.

    I finished reading My Zombie My by Jack Wallen this week (FABULOUS!!), and I am also reading The Forest For the Trees by Betsy Lerner. I’m only a 1/4 into it, but it hasn’t felt very useful thus far. It’s just proven to me that 1.) I AM a neurotic writer. And 2.) So is every other writer. Tell me something I don’t know.

  3. Oy vey! I’m reading tons at the moment. Beta reading two books myself plus Dragon Warrior by the goddess herself (that would be you, Ms. Shea), My Zombie My by the zombie king himself, Jack Wallen, Private Dancer by Stephen Leather and Trapped by Konrath/Kilborn. When I finish these books, there will be more in store but I always find myself reading more than one book at a time. 😉

  4. Great video! I would like a GPS 🙂
    I really want to see Snow white, except it’s Bella from twilight playing Snow White and I don;t thin I could stomach her, but Charlize Theron is going to try and kill her- can a root for the evil Queen?

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