Writer Wednesday: How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Dragon?

First off, a little pimpage.

The Indie Eclective’s second short story collection is finally LIVE!  You can pick up The Holiday Collection absolutely FREE on Smashwords, or for just 99 cents on Zon.

I’m so proud of this collection.  The stories are particularly good this time around and my story, “Let’s Ride” was so much fun to write.  It also introduces two very special characters, Zala Lei and Xander Lodai.  You’re definitely going to see more of them in 2012, so hold on.  It’s going to be a wild starship filled ride!

That’s right.  I said starships.  As in Outer Space.  Yeah, baby.  That’s how I roll!

I’ve got a brand new series planned for 2012.  There’s all kinds of excitement, murder, mayhem, and smexiness!  And it all takes place far, far away.  Like another galaxy far away.

Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of Morgan Bailey and Rain Mauri and company.  So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you a really cute story which highlights the importance of research when writing about things paranormal.

This past weekend I was enjoying the Bonfire Night fireworks with some friends.  Their little boy, Tariq, is five.  And a more precocious five-year-old I’ve yet to meet.

Tariq loves him some science.  In fact, he was telling me all about good science versus bad science.  I’m still a little fuzzy on the details, but it was good stuff.  Anyway, I thought I’d have a little fun with him. (I’m mean like that.)

“Tariq, are vampires good science or bad science?”

He mulled it over for a moment.  “Well,” he said thoughtfully, “I know how to turn a bad vampire good.”

No kidding.  This I had to hear.  “Really?  That would be really useful information.  How do I do that?”

“First, you don’t let the bad vampire eat blood.”

“No?”  This was all news to me.

“No.”  He shook his head most emphatically.  “You take him to the shop and you buy some meat and then you make him suck the blood from the meat.”  He shrugged as if that fixed that.


Another nod from Tariq.  “Sorted.”

“Okay.  How about dragons?” (You all know how I feel about dragons.)  “Are dragons good science or bad science.”

Another thoughtful pause from Tariq.  “I think dragons want to be good but they can’t because they have fire.  I know how to stop their fire, though.”

Wow!  What exciting news!  “Really?  How do you do that?”

Big blue eyes stared up at me with utter seriousness.  “You make them drink a LOT of water.  The water makes the fire go out and then the dragon is good.”

“Wow,” I said, totally impressed with his logic.  “I can’t believe I didn’t know this stuff.”

He shrugged as if to say “duh”.

“All right, one more thing.  Zombies.  Good science or bad science?”

Tariq gave me a look of utter disgust.  The kind of look you give a truly stupid person.  The kind of look only a five-year-old can give.  Finally he said in a most superior tone with that cute little British accent:

“Zombies don’t exist.”


14 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Dragon?

  1. Whew! Its a good thing you didn’t mention the Vampire Zombie Dragon. *grins*

    My girls are older now but I remember when they were little and just as convinced they had all the answers in their cute, simple ways. Charming post, Shea 🙂

  2. I love little kid speak. Sounds like an awesome pararnormal. Little boy is born with the power to stop the entire vampire race. Some woman, maybe his aunt, has to save him. Some immortal hero comes in and saves them both. Then the hero can get laid. Someone write this soon so I can parody it.

  3. LOL! LOVE it. Of course zombies don’t exist. Duh.

    I wonder how this little guy would react to my zombie face/walk. My boys think they are pretty much on top of the whole “stuff that we see on TV isn’t real, it’s all make believe,” etc., etc. thing, but when Tim and I pretend we want to eat their brains, they can get tweaked in a hurry! 😉

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