Mythos Monday: The Sounds of Sexy or The Power Of Voice

You all know I love me some Quantum Physics.  I adore the possibilities of the inner workings of the human mind and the outer workings of the Universe.  I’m marginally obsessed with the idea of psychic abilities, telekinesis, and all the other “brainy” type things.

But today I’d like to talk about a different power.  The power of the human voice.

“What’s that,” you say?  You heard me.  Er, read me.

We all know there’s a lot more to a person’s voice than the words that come outta their mouths.  People aren’t robots (Well, mostly they aren’t.), and the tone of voice gives just as many clues to what the person is saying as the actual words do.

More than that, scientific studies have proven that a certain pitch of tone can actually create physical arousal in the opposite sex (Or, I imagine, in the same sex on occasion).  Think I’m making this up?

Take the lovely Sean Connery.  The man is old as dirt and yet his sex appeal is not diminished.  Not saying I’d hop into the sack with him, but shiver-me-timbers the man has a smexy voice.  And it’s not just his accent.  There’s something about the actual sound of his voice, the tone, that makes women turn into drooling zombies.

Not enough?

I present to you Vin Diesel.  Oh, yeah.  He’s hot with a capital HAWT.  Rippling eight-pack abs, massive guns, buns of steel.  But they sexiest thing about Mr. Diesel isn’t his physicality.  It’s his voice.  Don’t believe me?  Ask any woman who actually has a pulse.  Swear-ta-gawd the man can make us clench our thighs together with nothing more than a monosyllabic grunt.

Better yet, have a listen for yourself:

Nom.  Am I right?  Yes.  Yes I am.

And just in case that wasn’t enough voice candy, I present one of my personal favorites, the movie-star-dreamy Zombie Radio DJ.  Now that’s a voice you’ll stop and listen to in the middle of a freaking apocalypse.  (You can stop fanning yourself now.)

This isn’t just a man’s territory.  Women do it too.

Granted husky low voices like those of silver screen siren Kathleen Turner actually give us girls more of a shiver than it does the boys.  Least wise, that’s what the experts say.  According to those same experts, it’s actually higher, breathier voices (à la Marilyn Monroe) that get the boys’ juices revved.  Well, the majority of the men folk anyway.

That’s why when we ladies meet a man we like, we naturally tend to pitch our voices higher.  Our brains tell us lower is sexier (because that’s the way we think), but our cave-woman instincts know better.  And man, can we work it when we want to.

“But these are actors,” you say.  “It’s not like they’re real people.  They’ve been trained or something.”

True.  I’ll give you that.  Each one of them has been trained.  Trained to project their voices a certain way.  Trained to produce particular qualities of tone.  They know how to pitch their voices just right to rub you all over like velvet.

Vocally speaking, of course.

Human beings have the ability to affect the emotions of others simply with the sound of their voices.  This is the true power of the human voice.  It’s why we buy stupid stuff we don’t mean to.  It’s why we feel moved by the power of a song.  Heck, it’s why we fall in love.

Now let’s go Quantum (You know I love it).  One of the ideas behind Quantum Theory is that we can affect change with our minds.  The whole “thoughts become things”.  My Reiki master once told me that if a person knew what they were doing and were naturally inclined toward such an ability, she could infuse her voice with that same power – the energy that is flowing all around us and the intent of her mind.  This power could move the emotions and hearts of thousands.

This is just Quantum Theory mind you.  I can’t prove it.  You may well say it’s just the ramblings of a lunatic Reiki, but there is some basis in reality.  Quantum Physics is discovering more and more about the nature of the universe and our own minds and it ain’t so cut and dried as you might think.

But let’s go that step further, shall we?  Let’s imagine for a moment that there was more than just the physicality of voice.  Let’s imagine that this person truly had the ability to amplify the natural pitch and tone of her voice with the power of her mind.  To infuse the very airwaves with her intent and channel vast amounts of energy.

Imagine if such a person could control an entire stadium of people with nothing more than her voice.  Make them do… anything.

Or what if she could affect their emotions?  Not in the subconscious way that is natural for our species, but on a very real and immediate level.  To literally control the emotions of others with nothing but a word so that they broke into tears, screamed in fear, or melted with desire.


What kind of stories could you create with a person like that?

And tell me, who do you think has the smexiest voice ever?


15 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: The Sounds of Sexy or The Power Of Voice

  1. Great post, Shea!

    The person with the voice would have to be the antagonist, seeking world domination. The hero would be deaf, ostracized and hunted as a threat, shunned by the fanatical following but able to hear the call of freedom for every one.

    And the smexiest voice ever, hmm, for men I’d have to go with Vin Diesel although Sean is right behind him. Not literally. Well, whatever works 🙂

  2. I love the idea of explaining ‘magic’, the power to have thought become things ( I actually explained it using quantum physics and string theory in a novel – my publisher wants me to take it out… *moan*)

  3. Totally did not know Jack had a podcast. Cracked me up. Thanks for sharing.

    This is going to be really corny, okay? You’ve been warned. My husband has the sexiest voice. I didn’t always think so, but at some point during our pre-dating “just friends” days, I got to where I could not go to sleep at night unless I had spoken to him during the day at some point. We were friends, so I could call anytime, right? That’s what friends do, right? But it got to where I would call him at 2 am just to talk, and c’mon. No one calls at 2 am just to talk. And no one answers at 2 am just to talk. Swear to God, though, that’s all we ever did. I’d wake him up to ask him about his day. And vice-versa. Never went any further than that, because he’s *ridiculously* old-fashioned in that regard…but I continue to think he makes Brad Pitt look & sound like a child, George Clooney like just some guy.

    That’s *love,* though, ain’t it?

  4. Yep, he does. Totally awesome, right? He posts every Saturday so stay tuned for more crazy!

    As for your hubby.,.. awwwww… that’s the corniest and sweetest thing I ever heard. 😉 To quote the Princess Bride: “Wub, twu wub…”

  5. Mmm, Jack had a sexy voice? That is enough to make me wanna listen to his podcast every week. Completely agree with Vin and Sean in the sexy voice department. One of the best parts about the Sunwalker saga was when you introduced Jackson and went on and on about his voice (I could hear him speaking and that is powerful indeed)… the perfect character is someone with not only good looks but presence and yes, a sexy hypnotic voice to match… yummy, Shea! 😉

  6. Great post, and a great concept. It reminds me of Dark Speech, or the language of Mordor, where even speaking the words alters and affects the world around you with their power. I like the notion of words not only affecting individuals but actually, literally shaping the physical world. That’s some cool stuff.

    Now about that “smexy”….

    There’s unquestionably something intoxicating about a refined, theatrical voice. I LOVE to hear refined British actors speak, especially in monologue. Sean Connery is definitely on that list. So are Jeremy Irons, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.

    Hmmm…actresses (aside from Kathleen Turner…I loves me some Jessica Rabbit), whose voices shiver my proverbial timbers…Helen Mirren. (More British thespians…hmmm.) Monica Bellucci. (Ok, an Italian actress…there has to be an American in here somewhere.) Jolene Blalock. (But only in her “T’pal” voice…which means the voice I like isn’t that of an American, but a Vulcan. Dammit!!!) ;D

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