Fantastical Friday: In Case of Apocalypse, What Would Morgan Wear?

It’s Friday.  Get your party on!

Lot’s of things happening around the interweb, so hang on.  It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Fantastical Video-ness:

Is that even a word?  Never mind.

I once lived in darkness, unaware of the marvels of the universe around me.  Now, I live in enlightenment.  Safe in the knowledge that I have seen one of the funniest video blog shows to ever grace the internet.  And now, my friends, I share it with you.  Because I’m nice like that:

There are three Acts to this amazing sing along.  Find them.  Watch them.  Squee your pants.  No dragons, but you gotta love an evil super genius, right?

Fantastical Fashion

Thanks to a fellow indie author, I discovered this amazing website called Polyvore.  It rocks my world.  If you click on the “create” button on the top of the page, you can create your own look.  Choose shoes, accessories, coats, jeans, everything.

Now I don’t love this because I’m some kind of fashionista.  No, I love this because I can create looks for my characters.  In fact, I created a look for Morgan.  This is her Hunting outfit.  

How hot is that.  I mean, are those boots to DIE FOR or what???  I need me a pair like WHOA!

Fantastical Apocalypse

Ever wondered where the best place is to survive the apocalypse?  Well, this site will tell you just where to go.  You know, if you have an extra $50k lying around to pay for it.  Personally, I’m just planning to buy a couple of acres of land near Astoria, Oregon and wait it out.  Some chickens, goats, and a big garden and I’ll be fine.

Fantastical Aethernet

Personally, I love reading author interviews.  They’re fun and you can learn some seriously odd things about people.  Check out me getting a little light grilling over at the Indie Eclective.

Also, one of the greatest tag lines EVER over at M. Edward McNally’s Sable City.  He’s interviewing Talia Jager.  You remember her from Wednesday here on my blog?  She rocks.

And as if that wasn’t enough juicy interview goodness, check out this triple header with Heather Marie Adkins and Jack Wallen.

For more fun and groovy things around the interwebs, check out Gene Lempp’s spooky Zoo Arcane .

Need more advice on surviving the apocalypse?  Check out In Case of Survival

And since I’m all about steampunky goodness, check out Gail Carriger’s Retro Rack.  I’m especially over the moon about her post on corsets.  I’ve been wanting one for absolutely ages and now I know just what to ask for!

And Finally… Friday Book Club:

So right now I’m beta reading the final installment of Jack Wallen’s I Zombie trilogy: Die Zombie Die.  I believe this baby is going to be out in December, so watch for it.  It will rock your socks!

I’ve just started Heather Marie Adkins’s paranormal tale The Temple.  Trust me.  You need to read this.

And while we’re in the paranormal mood, why not check out L. M. Pruitt’s Shades of Gray

I’m also practically beside myself with squees of joy over Meljean Brooks’s latest installment in her steampunk series: Heart of Steel.  I’m going to wait until it’s available for Kindle, though.

And there you go, folks, my Friday of Crazy.  Have a fabulously fantastical weekend.  Catch ya on the flip side!

30 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: In Case of Apocalypse, What Would Morgan Wear?

  1. I live in the UK, not many compound worthy places. However, plenty of old stately homes with high walls that are unused for half the year… a it of work and they’ll all be perfect.

  2. Big like for Dr Horrible and Morgan’s boots. Come the apocalypse I suggest Londoners break into the house of commons, they are bound to have a good bunker and I hear they have a good bar too!

  3. I’m tempted to look into this Astoria deal. Any mention of apocalypse and I want to count the granola bars in my emergency kit!

    Polyvore is fantastic for character inspiration. Thanks!

  4. I can only add, when it comes to Dr. Horrible, the DVDs are worth finding for the commentary. Trust me.

    Thanks for the book recs! I downloaded samples of both, can’t wait to check them out this weekend! Have a good one, E

    P.S. The boots…THE BOOTS!!!

      1. They’re like a steampunk, goth-girl’s dream come true. LOVE.

        And I’d offer to send you my DVDs, but…no, I can’t have them that far away. It’s just not a good idea, you’re on your own. *runs away with Dr. Horrible tucked under arm*

  5. I’m definitely not a fashionista (my female MC kind of is), but I love Polyvore it’s like internet paperdolls. (I have the feeling I’m dating myself again) Only you don’t have to cut out the clothes and inevitably f**k them up. Thanks for the recommendation!

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