Mythos Monday: The Queen of Fire and Darkness Meets the Scorpion King

My friend and fellow author PJ Jones is just a little too fond of photo shop.  So while my feet were safely ensconced in my flat in London, Mr. Scorpion was prowling the streets of Texas.  Thanks to PJ’s twisted sense of humor, they now appear to be on all too friendly terms.

That got me thinking.  (Yeah, I know.  It’s weird.  But this is me we’re talking about.)

Were there any scorpion goddesses out there in the world?  Because if so, that would be kind of cool.  In a creepy, eight-legged kind of way.

Let’s start with Selket, the Egyptian goddess of magic.  She was most often depicted as a beautiful woman with a scorpion on her head.  There’s a message in that somewhere, I’ll bet.

Despite ruling over venomous creatures (scorpions, snakes, and spiders – oh, my!), she was considered a beneficial goddess.  She carried not only the venom of her creatures, but also the antidote.  She helped in childbirth and nursing, and was the protector of women and children.  (We could use a goddess like her around.)

Malinalxochitl (Do NOT ask me how to pronounce that.) was the Aztec goddess of such biting and stinging creatures as vipers and scorpions.  She was also an accomplished sorceress.  She was, from what I can tell, not quite so nice as Selket.

Apparently her powers allowed her to drive people insane, control a person’s vision, or strike an entire army dead with just a glance.  Wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

Chelamma is a Hindu scorpion goddess whose followers believe that prayers to her will keep them safe from scorpion stings.  

And then, of course, there is the Scorpion King.  Yeah, yeah, it’s a movie, but he was also a real person.

It is believed that he was the first true King of Upper Egypt.  Little is known about him, but you can read some interesting stuff over at National Geographic.  Apparently, he liked his wine spiked with medicinal herbs.  Go Scorpy!

So, tell me, do scorpions freak you out?  Or do you think they’re kind of cool?

And what tales could you dream up when a goddess of scorpions is involved …





17 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: The Queen of Fire and Darkness Meets the Scorpion King

  1. I love that the two first scorpion goddesses also exhibited magical powers. It makes me think there must have been some belief that scorpions could enhance a sorceress/witch’s magickal powers. Wonder how many practitioners were stung in the name of Selket…

    Maybe different, but along the same vein, some of the most powerful and wise goddesses seem to have been the ones affiliated with spiders.

    I LOVE this stuff. Plus, The Rock — hubba hubba.

    1. Now there’s an interesting idea. I didn’t read anything that said they believed that, but it would make sense. And really, I do not understand this thing people have with spiders! haha

      The Rock – Oh, my, yes.

  2. that image of selket bring to mind the tale of ‘the scorpion and the fox’. what is it with them critters and riding around on the heads of others..?

    if any creature has more than 4 legs or less than 2, then they tend to freak me right out!

  3. Very fun- I’m going to let the scorpion goddess ideas play in the back of my mind as my migraine won’t allow for much else- love the idea. 🙂 I respect scorpions- living in the desert they’re around, but I’ve never had a problem with them

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