Fantastical Friday: Zombies, Vampires, and the Delicious Mr. Spock

This video from Nerf Herder nearly made me spew my coffee.  LOVE it!

Actually, now you mention it, YES.  I do want Mr. Spock.  What girl wouldn’t?  I mean, have you SEEN the man?  Er, alien guy.

And the green blood thing totally doesn’t bother me.  We all have our little quirks, after all.  I’m allergic to seafood, for instance.  And when I get angry my head spins around 360 degrees and I … But that’s another story.

There are some really great things going on in the interwebs this week.  Gene Lempp talks Slayer Spirits over on his blog.  Creepy!  

The fabulous PJ Jones, Queen of Parody, is making a guest appearance over at Curiosity Quills.  She’s talking about Why Vampire Novels Will Always Be Popular.  There are also a plethora of Twilight photos (Robert Pattison, anyone?) which PJ swears she didn’t choose.  Hello, people!  There ARE other hot vampires out there.  I have my own personal favorites.

I think my favorite blog post this week is Jack Wallen’s take on Creating Killers.  Not literally, of course.  Well, I hope not literally.  I’d hate to have to go into Witness Protection or something.

And speaking of Jack, have I mentioned the next installment of his I Zombie Trilogy is out?  My Zombie My is available NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Best of all?  It’s just $2.99.  If you love zombies, or the apocalypse, or a zombie apocalypse (zombacalypse?), you will love this series.  Trust me.

Also I love the cover.  Soooo creepy.

Speaking of the apocalypse, I’ve finally finished edits on Dragon Warrior and sent it off to the formatter.  I’ve got an “official” release date of 22 October 2011.  SQUEE!!!!  But, if I get it back sooner, of course it’ll be out sooner.  So, fingers crossed!  You all know how much I love a good apocalypse and I can’t wait for the first installment of this new series to go live!

Well, that’s all news that is news.  I better get back to writing.  Morgan Bailey’s next adventure won’t write itself!

Happy Friday!


13 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Zombies, Vampires, and the Delicious Mr. Spock

  1. I loved old Spock, I love new Spock. There is a whole Star Trek parody subplot in This Brilliant Darkness. “My” show is “Star Trails,” and my version of Spock is Sprocket, the Fullcon. He has a glowing red heart a la ET and the Fullcon sign for Live Well and Tidily is something we humans tend to use when evaluating other people’s bad driving. I’m going to have to post this video now! Are you working on any Sci Fi, Shea?

    1. Indeed I am! I’ve got a couple Sci Fi projects in the works. Still in early stages, but I think they’re going to be great fun.

      And ZOMG! I love the Live Well and Tidily. BWAHAHAHA!

  2. Shea, I had no idea my ex boyfriend had gotten the band back together. I miss those romantic liaisons in his mother’s basement. TY for the blog mention. I sure hope your formatter finishes Dragon Warrior early.

  3. Congratulations on the release date! Love the photo of Spike- not sure I understood anything I read after the photo. Great video- when I was little my sister and I would pretend to be on Star Treck, she picked Kirck but I always picked Spock.

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