Writer Wednesday: The Queen of Parody, Men in Uniform, and Vampire Disco

I’m sorry, but it had to be done.  In honor of today’s guest and the Queen of Parody, PJ Jones, a little Vampire Disco (From 1979’s Love At First Bite):

Woo, baby!  Dracula’s got him some moves!

Now I’d like to introduce you to my special guest today.  I’m SUPER excited to have her here as she’s not only on of my Indie Eclective peeps, but also a good friend.  Everybody, please welcome PJ Jones!

Now PJ, you’re known for somewhat raunchy and irreverent (not to mention hilarious) parodies and comedies, yet you used to write quite traditional romances.  Tell me about what led you to make the switch.

The first scene for Romance Novel kinda came to me after reading a really baaaddd romance (and, no, not the sparkly vampire romance, either).  That’s when I wrote the love scene between Smella and Snake (only they were just two random people at the time). Don’t get me wrong. I LURVE reading romances, esp. the paranormal kind, but I just had to write that one scene for fun. I read it to my husband and he encouraged me to turn it into a book. So then I threw the plot together. Adding the sparkly vamp aspect was really an afterthought, but I thought, as long as I’m writing romance parody, might as well make fun of that saga, too. I read the first few chapters to my local critique group and they were crying with laughter by the end. They, too, encouraged me to finish writing the book.


After Romance Novel received raving reviews from some big romance review sites, I decided that maybe parody was my forte, and so I wrote a few more spoofs. Fans are asking for Romance Novel II and the plot is currently in the works.

Parody is a time honored American tradition protected by our Constitution.  Heck, good ole Ben Franklin perfected the art form with his mockery of the British monarchy and legal system back in the day and we haven’t stopped since.  Quite frankly, if you make a dumbass movie about sparkly vampires, you deserve to made fun of.  What do you enjoy most about writing parodies?

I enjoy laughing while I read. I’ve had a few hard knocks in life (haven’t we all?) and laughter is my means of escape.

You have an upcoming novel called Driving Me Nuts.  While it certainly is full of comedic moments, it’s no parody.  In fact, there are a lot of really deep moments in Nuts.  What was your inspiration?

I had a dream that I was driving Owen Wilson in a convertible. He was crying beside me while tearing pages out of a novel. I soon woke up, but the dream was so vivid, I had to turn it into a scene. I bounced some ideas off my local critique group and the scene later became a book. I’m glad I wrote it. Though it definitely has its funny moments, there are also some deep scenes. These three mentally ill patients have literally been drug through hell and back again. I loved the outcome of each of their journeys. Considering my own personal journey back to the living after struggling through illness, writing this novel was kind of like a spiritual cleansing for me.  

Owen Wilson?  I can see how that would be an inspiring dream!

You’ve gotten a bit of flak from a certain element about the raunchy nature of your FREE short story Naughty Little Schnitzel.  I mean, HELLO, it says right in the description the story is about a porn star!  What do they expect?  Is there anything you want to say to these people?

Yeah, don’t download a story with the words “Naughty” and “Schnitzel” if you are the type who is easily offended. There is no graphic sex in the book, because even though I write trash, I don’t write smut. However, the nature of the story is a teeny weeny bit crude. 

Any more paranormal parodies planned?  Or even just plain paranormals?

Fans of FLABIO are begging for another story, so I am planning on writing something again as soon as Nuts is released and I finish my short for The Indie Eclective holiday anthology. Actually, my holiday short story might feature FLABIO.

Obviously you’re obsessed with sausage, right?  So what’s your favorite?  Personally I like a nice spicy Italian.

I prefer American sausage with lots of mustard.

If PJ Jones was kidnapped by aliens, what would she do?

First, I’d ask they put extra lube on the anal probe. 

How do you feel about chocolate?

My relationship with chocolate goes beyond feeling. It is a state of being I call orgasmic euphoric bliss. That is, if it’s the right chocolate. No cheap American shit for me. Grocery store candy bars, bleh. Why make my thighs even bigger for the cheap shit?


I LURVES me some dragons. I’m actually writing two YA dragon sagas and I need to get off my butt and finish them. BTW, I CAN’T WAIT for Dragon Warrior to be released. Have I told you how much I love that cover and the story? Totally original plot, Shea. This book is going to sell TONS!

Men in uniform?

Gawd, I love men in uniform, but only for about a minute. I prefer to look at what’s under the uniform.

Oh, I’ll drink to that!

One more question before you go.  It’s an important one.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.  What’s your plan for the apocalypse?

Stock up on chocolate and batteries for my vibrator…er for my flashlight. 

PJ Jones, thanks for showing up and being AWESOME!!!

You can find out more about PJ Jones and her writing on her blog Squee Your Pants Funny.

You can buy her books on



Amazon UK

Amazon DE

and Barnes & Noble


Naughty Little Schnitzel and The Vampire Handbook are totally FREE on Smashwords and B & N!

And don’t forget, the Indie Eclective’s The Halloween Collection with short stories by PJ, myself and 8 other indie authors is also FREE!!!!

15 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: The Queen of Parody, Men in Uniform, and Vampire Disco

  1. Sigh! Love at First Bite was one of my favorite movies as a youngster. I fondly remember making my younger cousin Patrick rock one of my mom’s disco dresses so that we could dance like that. It’s a little creepy now, but was lots of fun then.

  2. I am broke- which makes me so sad right now!!! But I’m off to amazon to add PJ’s books to my wish list. BTW I love Love at First Bite. Have you seen Zorro The Gay Blade? Also starring George Hamilton.

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