Writer Wednesday: From the Mind of a Super Evil Genius

Welcome to Writer Wednesday and boy have I got a treat for you!  Please give a warm welcome to Lizzy Ford, my Indie Eclective peep and a True Super Evil Genius.

Now, Lizzy, as my most recent victim, ahem, I’ve got a few scintillating questions my readers are dying to know.  Ready?

Woohoo, yes!

I am very familiar with your plans for World Domination.  Tell me, when did you first decide that ruling the world as a true Super Evil Genius was right for you?  (Did I say Super Evil Genius?  I meant writer.  WRITER!)

I decided to take over the world when I was 6, when Jade and Randy (you’re both still on my list!) pushed me down and called me fat.  No normal revenge as dreamed up by an introverted 6 year old would be good enough to regain my honor, so I stewed for days, trying to figure out what to do.  Finally, I decided to take over the world, because only then could I exact my revenge.  However, it wasn’t until I was about 9 that I figured out how: by becoming a writer.  I wrote a brilliant expose about stars, and from then on, I knew my calling.

You are obviously targeting the world’s youth.  Why YA?

Aside from building an army of rabid fan minions to do my evil bidding? 

The funny thing is I initially advertised my books as sweet paranormal romances.  I wasn’t sure if there was much of a market for them, but they’re what I prefer to read.   My books started ending up on YA lists and ‘also-boughts,’ and the demographic of those leaving me comments on my website were mostly women under the age of 20.  Some of the comments I received were from moms who then shared the books with their teenage daughters.  The YA audience also had one other major thing going for them: they tend to prefer technological communication, whether via social media, reading on their phones/computers, or simply willing to talk to me via my website.  I think the Millennial Generation has less inhibition about reaching out to potential Evil Geniuses and also tend to leave more (positive) reviews.

I figured – my books fit the YA/mature teen market as well as the paranormal romance market, so why not embrace them, train them, and unleash them on the ebook world to carry my message forward?

Your rise to fame and fortune has been meteoric.  Do you have any “supernatural” assistance in this imminent take over?  Is that why you write fantasy, to appease your supernatural overlords?  Or is there a Darker Purpose …

It’s the aliens.  Ever since I started watching the “Ancient Aliens” series, I’ve become convinced they are the ones implanting the stories – actually the histories of their various races – into my head.  They also help me find my keys when I lose them.  Their main goal is to install me as a leader, since I know and understand them, and I can usher in a new age of fear … er, I mean, hope and happy stuff for the human race.

On a serious note, I do derive a great deal of inspiration from my dreams.  I’m an active dreamer, and many of my stories start in my dreams. 

How strange.  I get many of my ideas from dreams, too.  Does that mean I might also carry the Super Evil Genius gene?  Hmmm … (PS love Ancient Aliens)

Tell me more about your New World Order.  (Ooops.  I mean the Rhyn Trilogy.)  Will there be more?  Or is three enough for Total Domination?

Ha!  My poor readers are begging for me not to stop at three books for the Rhyn series.  I didn’t expect this series to be so popular; I almost didn’t release Katie’s Hellion (book one), because I thought it was awful.  Shows how good my Super Evil Genius judgment is!  I’ve done one short story on one of the popular characters in the series, and I may do another short story prior to the release of “Rhyn’s Redemption” (book three) in March. 

I’ll tell you a secret only two others (and the aliens) know: I’m going to write a fourth book for release in late autumn 2012 about Gabriel, the death dealer. 

(Sorry, I have to interject for a moment of SQUEE here.  I heart Gabriel and I am sooo thrilled!  Every since I read your short story in the Indie Eclective The Halloween Collection I’ve NEEDED more Gabriel.  Ahem.  Onwards.)

I think the reason this series has gone over well is because I put the characters through Hell.  Literally – two of them go to Hell.  As their Evil Overlord, I place them in situations where they only have unfavorable choices – and I force them to make a choice anyway.  In Real Life, nothing is perfect, and things don’t always work out the way we want – but we’re still forced to deal with it.  I think that dash of reality – combined with a paranormal setting and a sprinkle of hope – has resounded with my audience.  The depth of the connection between readers and the lead character in this series, Rhyn, has humbled me.

I had one reader tell me she loved Rhyn – the half-demon, half -Immortal – because she had bipolar depression.  She could relate to someone like Rhyn, who wanted to do what was right, but who wasn’t able to control his powers and usually ended up screwing up, which resulted in him being written off by the other Immortals because of it.  Another reader told me she hoped one day Rhyn realized that even he was worthy of being loved, and another who favored Rhyn because the reader himself was always the oddball that few people understood.

I’ve received a ton of comments like these, and they’re incredible insights.  Sometimes, as an author, it’s easy to forget that every ‘sale’ is a person.  These types of comments remind me of that, and they also show me I’ve created something beyond the mainstream trashy paranormal romance novels where characters and plots are often chucked and replaced with sex scenes.


Do you have any other projects in the works?

Zillions of them!  My other popular series, the War of Gods/Damian series, is an ongoing project.  I’m revamping the first two books, which were written before I had an editor.  In Dec, I’ll release book 3 (“Damian’s Immortal”) in this series, then in May 2012, book 4 (“The Grey God.”)

I’ll also be launching another trilogy in late December, contributing to about three more anthologies this fall, releasing “A Demon’s Desire” in October, and I’ve got a few single titles in the works or planned for the next 12 months.  I’m putting together my publishing schedule for next year.  I asked my fans what they want me to write, and I’ve had an overwhelming demand for a sequel to one of my books, “Kiera’s Moon,” which I wrote as a single title and released in August.

Finally, I’ll be doing a Book-on-Demand experiment next year, where readers vote on what they want me to write (genre, characters, setting, etc.), then I write them a book based off the highest votes.

Oh, my WORD that’s an awesome, scary idea.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

What’s your favorite thing about Ruling the World? (Er, I mean being a writer?)

Being allowed to use the full extent of my Super Evil Genius mind powers!  I’m a smart cookie, but I don’t conform well, because I tend to think for myself.  In every job I’ve ever had, people have been thrilled to channel my super evil brain powers in the way they wanted.  I solve their problems, help them plan, and don’t care if they take the credit – I have no ego.  Then, I start pointing out things they don’t want to hear or are politically sensitive in the office, and I start channeling my brain onto topics/ideas that the bosses want to avoid.  As an Evil Overlord, I don’t have to worry about these types of politics.  I can free my mind and create fantastic new worlds without being punished for it. 

What are your feelings on dragons?

I love dragons!  One of my old manuscripts I started a few years ago has dragons.  I want to dig it out next year and finish it.  I used to write about dragons all the time when I was little, and I used to try to draw them, too, which was an absolute disaster, since I can’t draw.


I love chocolate, too!  The center of the earth isn’t filled with lava – it’s filled with chocolate.  (According to the aliens.)

Lizzy, thanks so much for gracing us lowly mortals with your presence.

Thank you, Shea, and I’m looking forward to Dragon Wars! 

For more info on Lizzy’s books, go here.

(PS.  The ebook of Katie’s Hellion is FREE!  And so are several of Lizzy’s other books.  Yay for FREE!)

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