Supernatural Saturday: Superpowers!

Before we get started on today’s supernatural awesomeness, why not have a quick poke in at Mark Williams’s blog where yours truly is guest starring.  We’re talking New Frontiers, baby!

Let’s face it.  Having superpowers is awesome.  Which man at there has not, at some point, wished he had x-ray vision?  Hmmmm???  Which woman the power to read minds (specifically the minds of the male of the species)?

Personally, next time they’re handing out superpowers, I’m totally getting teleportation.  I mean imagine, not having to climb into a flying tin can every time you want to go some where.  Or worse, a car.  Late for work?  BOOM!  Have a hankering for proper Spanish chirizo?  No problem.  Ran out of your favorite Italian wine right in the middle of dinner?  Or fancy lounging on the beach in the Bahamas on your lunch hour?  Well, you get my point.

The problem is, of course, that superpowers can so easily be abused.  Here is a very important instructional video on the proper use of super powers:

So, tell me, what superpower would YOU want to have?

11 thoughts on “Supernatural Saturday: Superpowers!

  1. Teleportation would be awesome. I’d also be interested in short-term cloning so that when my schedule hits the point where I can’t get it all done, I can just make a couple more of me to handle the load. Or perhaps, invisibility so no one can find me and then I only have to worry about the tasks I want to do *grins*

    Love the video, very fun stuff Shea.

  2. No so much a superpower perhaps, but I have long wanted a “return to last save” button on my life. You know, just make a save right before heading downtown on a Friday night, asking somebody out, or taking that job…then if it all goes abysmally wrong…”reutrn to last save.” 😉

  3. I would love to be able to control time or be a shape-shifter, The time thing could come in handy if I were late for meeting a deadline at work or bored to tears while waiting in line somewhere. The shape-shifting, well that just opens up so many possibilities.

  4. Love the lego man, hi-larious! I would want the power of not having to sleep so I could get everything I want to do done. But that can really backfire. See Angel Season 5 :Life of the Party where Lorne has his sleep taken out. I think I have to recognise that sleep is a good thing after all, so maybe it would be better to develop serious multi-tasking super powers. Yep, that is a sign of middle age coming on isn’t it?

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