Fantastical Friday: Zombies, Cooking, and FREE Stuff!

TGIF, baby!

There is some good stuff around the interwebs today!

Bloggy Goodness:

Gene Lempp is blogging about the history of cooking.  I love my food and I love cooking. Can you imagine what our lives would be like without the ability to cook and create the marvelous dishes that exist today?  Not one of my favorite parts of the impending zombie apocalypse.  Thank goodness I learned to cook a three course meal on a campfire.  Hopefully the cows won’t turn zombie.

Video Goodness:

And speaking of cooking and zombies, check out this wonderfully clever little video.  You know, just in case you were wondering how a zombie orders take out.

There.  Now don’t you feel enlightened?  I know I do!

Book Goodness:

Of course we mustn’t forget this week’s Friday Book Club!

I just finished reading Jesse Petersen’s hilarious Flip this Zombie. Pick up a copy.  You won’t regret it.  The zombie apocalypse has never been more fun!

It has, however, been cheaper!  Sorry, Jesse, but Jack Wallen’s I Zombie I is now FREE.  That’s right, people.  You heard me.  Er, read me.  FREE.

If you need a good zombie apocalypse read (And frankly, who doesn’t?), pick up Jack’s book FREE on Amazon or Smashwords.  Even better, the sequel will be out soon.  SQUEE!

Not enough zombie reads for you?  Try THIS on for size!  Melvin the Dry Cleaning  Zombie by PJ Jones is just 99 cents on the Zon.  It’s a hilarious short zombie parody and comes with the bonus read Vampire Shoe Warehouse.  Even better?  It’s FREE on Smashwords!

Not into zombies?  Well, how about some elves.  Elves are good, right?  Here’s one more FREEBIE for you, Julia Crane’s YA In The Mind of Thaddeus.  It’s totally FREE on Smashwords.

Who loves ya, baby?


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