Writer Wednesday: Why she calls me Dragon

Got something new and exciting for ya’ll on this fabulous Writer Wednesday.  Instead of just one writer, I want to introduce you to a man who knows a plethora of writers, Albert Robbins III.  Albert runs a fantastic book review site and is very supportive of indie authors.

Go Albert!

Albert very kindly agreed to write a guest post today.  And what better post than one about dragons.  Carry on, Albert!

Why She Calls Me Dragon

by Albert Robbins III

So here I am invited onto Clan MacLeod’s (I love Highlander) blog and I must say thanks for the oppurtunity. Now that I have been gracious, may I entertain you?

For me one of the greatest Dragon based series of all time is The Inheritance Series (Cycle). I say this knowing that there are several Dragon stories to choose from and that there are going to be opinions from both sides but this is about mine. So ha!

So we start with Eragon.

The first in the series introduces us to the cast of characters and this majestic world that we know (okay wish) exists. One where a Dragonrider finds his Dragon moreso the other way around and danger isnow at every turn. We get a chance to understand and connect with the characters and whoosh off we go. Then of course along comes “Box Office” and throws out a less than stellar (trash) movie to try and rake in the $$$ behind a breakout book. Yes I still watch the movie but I still find myself irritated by some parts.

Now on to Eldest.

At the end of Eragon we were happy as he defeated the Dark Sorcerer and freed the rebels but now Eldest comes along and throughs us back into despair and distrust. We read through the pages just looking for a way to help Eragon and Saphira but alas we must wait and let them find the path. A perfect followup to the masterpiece that was and even more reason Christopher experienced the fortune and fame that befell him.

Bring on Brisingr.

So we have helped (by reading we help right) Eragon and Saphira free the rebels (Eragon) and escape with their lives (Eldest), we should be done right. No, this is not the way of a Dragonrider, this is not adventure, we do not lay on the sidelines and wait for action. No, we cross the empire and swear help to all and spread ourselves to the breaking point and and and and…. Whew, let’s catch a breath. Now, let’s live up to our name and do the good we were meant to do. Learn some magic (by some I mean more than we thought), let’s stand up for everyone (The Varden, Elves, Dwarves and don’t forget cousin Roran). By the end of this we will need a vacation.

And now the long awaited Inheritance.

This will be the final chapter and I can not wait. 11/08/2011


What does any of the proceeding blabber have to do with the title of this post?

Absolutely nothing!

I chose the title for one simple fact and here it is. My wife (RJ Palmer) woke up one day from a nap and told me of a dream she had. This dream as it turned out had been an erotic dream (yay me). The dream had also had me in it (yay me again). The dream was indeed about me (in the words of Shea – SQUEEE). This is that dream.

She had dreamt that I was a red scaly dragon flying about. I came down to where she stood and morphed into myself, yet I still had red scaly wings. We then made love for however long it was and she told me that Dragons mate for life. Just as we were finishing she woke up and that my friends is why she calls me Dragon.

Red scaly dragons are full of AWESOME!  Thanks for sharing that fantastic story with us!  I certainly enjoyed it.

Ya’ll can catch Albert’s book reviews (and discover a multitude of new authors) here:

Free Book Reviews – http://freebookreviews.blogspot.com

The Nation News – http://blogspot.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=9356d2a987c4deab3fa42cd8f&id=d49d698dc1
The Nation Forum – http://freebookreviews.blogspot.com/p/free-book-reviews-nation-forum.html

13 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Why she calls me Dragon

  1. Excellent post, Albert! Very fun. It’s a pleasure to meet you 🙂

    So, Shea, is the badge at the end of the post one we can borrow and display on our sites? Or at least on mine? I’d be happy to link it back to either you or Albert. Let me know.

    1. I know I tweeted this to you, but just for anyone reading, the badge is Albert’s from his website. If you want to use it, please hop on over to his fab blog and ask. He doesn’t bite. 🙂

      1. Aww shucks 🙂 Thanks but it is you guys that inspire me. No I do not bite and if you come to my blog I have a Monter TBR (to be read) list but I am prolific. I also would like to say…buy Shea’s book as it is a must read. Do it now. Why are you still reading this comment go buy the book as ordered. 🙂

      2. Aww shucks Shea 🙂 Besides it is authors like you that inspire me to do all I can. Again yes you can use the picture from my blog and you do not have to link to me but I would enjoy it (yay me). Also wanted to tell everyone that reads this to go buy Shea’s books. Do it now. Stop reading this comment and do as ordered.

  2. Hi, Albert!

    Wow, a sex dream! Tim and I wake up and tell each other about our crazy dreams, too. Why are women always the ones with the sex dreams?

    Hi, Shea & Heather, and all!

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