Mythos Monday: Everything’s Better with …. Djinn?

Lesser than angels.  Greater than humans.  Made of smokeless flame, scorching fire.  They are the djinn.


Also called jinn or genies.


And no, I’m not talking about some big blue guy who’ll grant you three wishes if you run his tummy.  I’m talking about the real McCoy.

Jinn are said to be creatures of free will, like humans, yet made of smokeless fire rather than clay.  And just like humans, they can be evil, good, or indifferent.

The djinn are, under normal circumstances, completely invisible to humans.  Fortunately, we are also nearly invisible to them.  Coming to the attention of the djinn does not always bode well.

Djinn  can travel around the world at mind blowing speed, flashing from continent to continent in mere seconds.  They prefer the remote places of the earth: mountains, seas, and deserts.

According to some, djinn are responsible for much of what humans perceive as “magic”.  Of course we know that’s not true.  That would be the sidhe.  Djinn prefer to remain hidden, for the most part.

Yet every once in awhile, one of the djinn will no longer be content with his (or her) lot in life and will force himself into the realm of humans.  Such a djinni may take perverse pleasure in punishing unwitting humans for imagined slights.  Or worse, he may lure them into the desert to feast on their flesh and take the power of their souls as his own.

Not to worry.  Should you fall foul of such a creature, he will face his comeuppance on Judgement Day.

Not that you’ll be around to see it …

7 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: Everything’s Better with …. Djinn?

  1. Shéa, I tried to message you on twitter but seem to have the wrong handle. You won an ebook on my Battle of Stirling Bridge Giveaway so let me know which one you want, (one of the historical novels) Freedom’s Sword, Freedom’s Cost, (or one of the fantasies) Laying the Odds, Talon of the Unnamed Goddess or Blood Duty.

    Thanks and all the best, JR

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