Mythos Monday: Dragon Child

Welcome once again to Mythos Monday where we explore the myths and legends of our world.  As a writer I’ve drawn a great deal of inspiration from mythology.  As a child I was fascinated by the whole idea of the various pantheons of gods and goddesses and their adventures.  I’m still fascinated by it today.

Today’s myth (or legend, if you will): The Dragon Child.

You know of the Hunters, their affinity for their prey.  Born of blood and violence.  Born to protect the innocent from the creatures that stalk the night.  As necessary in this world as combat soldiers and policemen.  To keep us safe.

Yet not all protection needs to be of violence.  In fact, sometimes something quite different is needed.

At the dawn of human time, one of the great beings that roamed the earth, driven by heartache and madness, went rogue.  In his dragon form he ravaged the land, killing thousands.

The great Dragon King knew something must be done or more lives would be lost.  Even worse, the humans in their fear may start a war.  A war they could never hope to win.

The Dragon King imbued a young female child with his magic.  And so the first Dragon Child was born.  A being born of peace, not of violence.  A being who’s magic could sooth the mind of even a raging dragon.

As the child grew to womanhood, so grew her magic and her beauty.  Eventually the Dragon King fell in love with and married her.

The King created other Dragon Children over time and those Dragon Children had children with powers of their own.  They became the liaisons between dragon kind and humans.  And so peace reigned.

But over time, fewer and fewer Dragon Children were born.  And as their powers waned, dragons went rogue in greater numbers and the war the Dragon King feared at last arrived.  A war which nearly wiped the dragons off the face of the earth.

But still, every now and then, a child is born with a strange affinity for dragons.  A child born not of violence, but of peace.  Whatever her hands touch turns to beauty and whenever she smiles, a dragon smiles back.

You can read more about dragons and Dragon Children in my novel Kissed by Fire and my forthcoming short story Sunwalker’s Kiss.

And, yeah, I totally made up that legend.  How fun was that!


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