14 thoughts on “Supernatural Saturday: Dragon Warrior

  1. Love it, honey. Keep ’em coming. I can’t wait to finish DW:BI so I can climb into bed with KBF. Looking forward to your new one too. That man makes my nerves melt. 😉 Well done cover, Shea, and I know the book will be even better. 😉

  2. Will Dragon Warrior be a paranormal romance or a blend between both paranormal romance and and dark urban fantasy?

    Thanks Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy. Dragon Warrior is post-apocalyptic romance and there’s DRAGONS! It definitely has the dark urban fantasy feel, but more toward scifi. And there are definitely elements of romance.

      1. Excellent, I love scifi (Stargate Universe is my fav). So the series name will be Dragon Wars, and the first book in the series will be Dragons?

  3. The series is Dragon Wars and the first book is Dragon Warrior. I will also be doing a short story this Christmas introducing a new “world.”. I think you’ll like it as it has lots of scifi. I’ll keep you posted!

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