Mythos Monday: The Dragons Are Coming

I’m afraid I’ve been woefully remiss in posting these last few days.  I’ve been busy with rewrites and edits on my third novel, Dragon Warrior.  

But a big fat SQUEE and huzzah!  The first draft is finally done and off to my lovely critique partner to rip to shreds.  Thank goodness for three day weekend, huh?

Dragon Warrior is the first novel of my new series The Dragon Wars.  Originally it was going to be a trilogy with the first title being Dragon Lord, but as any writer knows, characters and plots have a way of doing things you don’t expect.  So now Dragon Warrior will be the first book in the series while Dragon Lord will actually be the second book.  I’ve no clear idea of how many books will be in the series altogether, but probably at least four.

In this series, I decided to mix three of my favorite things together: dragons, post-apocalyptic fiction, and the paranormal.  Now that is one heck of a soup of awesome!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s nothing new.  They did a dragon apocalypse in Reign of Fire.  Yes, I’ll admit I got some inspiration from that.  So, what?  I still think a dragon apocalypse is more interesting then another plague.  Sheez.  Though I admit, I still love a good zombie apocalypse.

So, I’ve sort of gone off topic, but if anyone has been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I do that sometimes.  I guess the mythos of today is my own love of randomness.

And dragons.

In any case, Dragon Warrior will be out this October.  So stay tuned!

And remember …

Everything’s better with dragons. 



10 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: The Dragons Are Coming

  1. I use to have the bumper sticker which said ‘Do not mettle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”
    I love dragons maybe they could battle the zombies and we could have both at the apocalypse?

  2. I wonder how many signatures I would need to change the Washington state motto to “Everything is Better With Dragons.” I would love to see that written just below my license plate number… Great post.

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