Writer Wednesday Special Edition: Angels Among Us

As you all know, I don’t normally post on a Thursday.  However, I managed to convince the fabulous paranormal romance author Melissa A Smith to do a guest post for me today.  Her very first EVER guest post.  SQUEE!

Enough about squee!  Over to you, Melissa …

Hello to all the fabulous readers who happen to love stopping by this great blog! It’s really nice to meet you all!

My name is Melissa Smith and I write romance. Paranormal romance 🙂 I’ve always loved a good story but it wasn’t until recently (about 3 years ago) that I’d picked up my first romance novel and read it. I loved it! Suddenly my reading library had expanded by so many new authors I was practically living at the library. I kid you not when I say all the librarians at my local library know me my name and face. Not to mention my reading habits. They noticed when last year I suddenly stopped coming in. It was during this time that I sat down and started to write my first book, Cloud Nine. When it was complete and I needed a little writing break, I paid them a visit. They all asked if everything at home was ok, if I was ok and what had happened that I’d stopped coming in almost every day for a new book. I shared my news and was greeted by several wow’s and hugs.

My first novel, Cloud Nine, is a little like our current world. Many people believe there are angels all around us even though we never see them. Well in the world I created they really do exist and people really do interact with them. They come to us during our greatest need and try to help us work our way through it. To make our way to the other side. Some people thrive and move onto happy healthy lives while others simply can’t accept who’s helping them.

Claire is an average teenager struggling with her last year in high school. Sterling is a Guardian who has decided to take on Claire as his most recent Charge. Believing she needs a little help (does she?) he shows himself to her. Sparks fly and anger arises. Friends are made while enemies start plotting. In the end will what they feel for each other be enough or will one of them finally give up?

Thunderhead is the conclusion to their story. Did they make it or were they finally torn apart?

Now THAT sounds like a fantastic tale!  

Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa.  Don’t forget to check out her books!

In the meantime, you can find Melissa here:





6 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday Special Edition: Angels Among Us

  1. I tried to leave a reply…but it wouldnt let me 😦

    Thank you Mark for your interest! And Shéa is right, those are the links 🙂 Enjoy!

    Thank you Shéa for letting me take over your blog! It was fun!

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