Mythos Monday: My Big Fat Greek Goddess

And another Monday strikes again.  Lucky me, I get to stagger out of bed at 5:30 am to head to ye olde day job.

Still, a good jam session 80s style will wake anyone up …

Sigh.  Oh, yeah.  Better than coffee.  Well, almost.

I’ve always had a thing for Greek mythology.  You know; gods, goddesses, mythical heroes.  I swear I’ve had a crush on Apollo since I was six (I wasn’t very specific about whether this was the god Apollo or the BSG Apollo.  Frankly, I’d have taken either.  They were both pretty hot in my book!).

I haven’t written anything involving the Pantheon yet, which is sort of surprising.  In my mind I have this idea of the way religions in Morgan’s world of Sunwalkers have evolved.  Outwardly looking much like our own, but inwardly something just different enough.  But that hasn’t so far made it into the books.  I’m not sure it will, either.

Then again, you never know.

Because I’m also fascinated by Egyptian mythology.  Though I can’t claim any crushes on Egyptian gods.  I mean, who wants to date some guy with the head of a jackal?  How on earth do you explain that to your mother?  And can you imagine the table manners?

Then again, if an Egyptian god looked like Apophis (the SG1 one, not the snake one), I might have to rethink my stance.  Because whoa Nelly!

Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are still the Celtic gods, the Norse gods, the Indian gods, the Incan gods … You get my meaning.  There are just so many mythologies to choose from with so many interesting (and frightening) belief systems and ways of expressing those beliefs.

For instance it is believed that the Zapotecs (like the Mayans and Aztecs) practiced human sacrifice.  Can you imagine what that must have been like as an outsider staring in (sacrificial offerings were often, though not always, outsiders) at your own death to a foreign god?  Can you imagine a world in the future where somehow society collapses and we return to the barbaric ways of our ancestors?

Or what about the ancient Mesopotamian practice of sacred prostitution.  It was considered a woman’s spiritual duty to prostitute herself at the temple of Mylitta once in her life.  If the ancient Greek, Herodotus, was horrified by the practice, you can imagine what a modern woman would feel thrust into such a world. Time travel sounds all well and good until you wind up in a Mesopotamian temple.

What are your favorite mythologies?  Do you enjoy reading/writing tales about the adventures of gods and goddesses?  Or do you prefer something a little more … down to earth …


2 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: My Big Fat Greek Goddess

  1. Hey Shea, I always try avoid writing about the numerous partheons, be it judeo-christian or otherwise. Mostly, it’s been done to death, resurrected, done again and then staked, burned and scattered for good measure. But I think there are still exceptions to be made. Just because I can’t think of a new spin doesn’t mean there isn’t one. American Gods was probably the last decent one. Tom Holt also did one about the Norse Gods in modern day, but I can’t remember what it was called.
    Maybe I need to get my thinking cap on, eh?

  2. Have you read Thomas Harlan’s In The Time of the Sixth Sun series? He uses Aztec mythology combined with an alternate history to create the must kick-butt alternate future. Absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to finish the series, which is a real shame.

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