Supernatural Saturday: Shades of Gray

Today is a very special day here at ye olde blog.
Since I’m busy finishing up the edits on Kissed by Fire, my friend and critique partner, L.M. Pruitt has stopped by for a little interview and to chat about her new book, Shades of Gray, which is releasing in a few days.  Since she’s all about the supernatural, it just seemed fitting.

First I want to thank you for taking the time to answer all my nosy questions. 🙂  Now, for the important question:
If you could be any character on Star Trek or Star Wars, who would it be and why?  (You can also expound on who is hottest in the New Star Trek Movie.)

I’m probably going to be shot, but I’ve never seen Star Wars–except for Episode 1, which I don’t think counts. So I’ll have to stick to Star Trek, which I grew up watching (Mom’s a total Trekkie–every episode on VHS with original covers). Given my options, I’d have to go with Uhura–she’s one of the few women with a consistent role and what a role! She holds rank, so obviously she’s badass, and anybody who’s ever served as a translator can tell you knowing a variety of languages and dialects is no easy feat. In short, she’s strong, empowered, and she knew how to wear a uniform.

I am horrified you’ve never seen the ORIGINAL Star Wars.  But I shall forgive you since you.  Just this once.  (Also, Uhura rocks.)
Bill vs Eric?  What Team?  Or are you Team Alcide?

None. I’m so totally Team Sam. I’m not even ashamed to admit I love the Sam on True Blood much better than the one in the books. Sam in the books seems almost too perfect–after eleven books, I’d be hard pressed to remember a time where he flat out lost his temper. Sam on the show? He’s flawed, contrary, dangerous–and yet is dedicated to the people he really cares about and dedicated to his town. And he’s ridiculously hot. Ridiculously.
He is a tasty treat, I admit.
Well, now that we’ve got the important questions out of the way, tell me a little about your upcoming novel, Shades of Gray…
Shades of Gray is the story of a woman, Jude Magdalyn, who is pulled kicking and cursing into a subworld filled with magic, danger, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. In addition to fighting in the vampire war for control of New Orleans, Jude also has her own personal fight over who wins her heart–Williams, the leader of the vampire alliance, or Theo, a member of her new Council with some interesting powers of his own.

All your books so far have been chock full of supernatural goodness.  Have you always been interested in the paranormal?

Since I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t, I’d have to go with yes, lol. My interest really kicked off after my first visit to New Orleans. I fell in love with the city and after volumes of research fell even further in love with tales of ghostly funeral processions, moaning voices in the walls and vampires in the attic. The more I read, not just research but read just to read, the more I discover about the paranormal and the more ideas swirl and cook in my brain. I’ve got a big crockpot of goulosh up there, lol.

Any other exciting projects in the works?

Leaving aside editing, which is never exciting, I’m working on a project featuring a (somewhat) psychic detective. It’s a combination of crime fiction and noir with a dusting of romance and erotica. Taken centers on Frankie Post, her partner Detective Jack Waters, and a small cast of oddball supporting characters working an abduction case–or so everyone, even the client who hires Frankie, thinks. I hope to have Shades of Desire, the second Jude Magdalyn book, released by Halloween, with Taken released around Christmas.

And where can we buy Shades of Gray?

Shades of Gray is available on Amazon, Smashwords (and its distribuitors) and Apple iBooks.

Thanks for stopping by!
You can can find out more about L.M. and her books over on her blog.
Enjoy the weekend ya’ll!

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