Fantastical Friday: Yoga, Kissed by Fire, and Big Brother

Happy Friday everyone.  And thank goodness it is!  Friday, I mean.  ‘Cause lawd, has this been a week!

I started a new job this week which involves a ridiculously long and stressful bus trip.  This is followed by 9 hours of monitoring by Big Brother (and no I don’t mean the TV show) and then another ridiculously long and stressful bus trip home.

Meanwhile, I am desperately trying to finish up the final edits on my next urban fantasy novel, Kissed by Fireso that I can hand it over to my formatter, the lovely Lucinda.  My plan is to publish in on the 20th of August.

Why am I obsessed with the 20th of August?

Because it is the birthday of my darling cousin Iz to whom I am dedicating this work o’ art.  She did a little brainstorming with me on KbF and also inspired one of the characters, so it seems only fitting to publish it on her birthday.

Can you tell I’m stressed?  A teeny tiny bit?

I feel the need for some relaxation:

There.  Now doesn’t that feel better?

Have a truly Fantastical Friday!

10 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Yoga, Kissed by Fire, and Big Brother

  1. So use the bus ride to read, write, get organized, prepare for the day. I used to have a 45 minute commute. Used the time to decompress from work, get prepared for family stuff, and the opposite in the morning. I didn’t think of work, except for funny happenings, until the next morning. I think it saved my life or sanity.

    Congrats on new job. The first few months are very stressful so give yourself some extra care.

    1. Great idea Linda! I totally would except I get extremely motion sick reading/writing on the bus. 😦 So, I just listen to music. Which is nice and inspiring in and of itself!

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