Writer Wednesday: Bill vs. Eric

Welcome to the next stop on the never ending IWU Blog Tour.  Today’s guest is the wonderfully quirky Karen Fowler (Who, like most writers, has a split personality so also writes under the names Alex Owens and Emma Shane.) .

Karen and I had the chance to sit down to some virtual margaritas lately.  We had a nice chat about really important things.  Like world peace.  And Eric vs. Bill.

SM:  So, tell me truly, Karen.  Who is it really?  Eric or Bill? 😉

KF:  I’m all Eric all the time. Bill’s just too flippin’ gentlemanly. Except for the time he twisted that chick’s head backwards. He showed a tiny bit of promise there. Otherwise, not a fan. Heck, I’d pick Pam before Bill 🙂

SM:  Hey, I totally agree with you there.  All Eric, all the way.  Though that twisting the head backward thing?  That was kind of hawt.

So, zombie apocalypse … I have the perfect plan.  My parents live in North Idaho which is the totally perfect place for sitting out an apocalypse, zombie or otherwise.  So, I’ll go there (Don’t ask me how I’ll get there from London.  I have no idea.  Hijack a boat, maybe.).  Live off the land.  Milk goats.  And there’s plenty of guns and ammo in North Idaho.  Good for zombie hunting.

How about you?  What’s your zombie plan?

KF: Like you, I’ll need to hijack a boat to make my plan work. I live in coastal Virginia and little barrier islands dot the coast around here, so I’m going to “borrow” a boat and the necessary supplies (more guns, ammo, food, bottled water, etc.) and use the inlets as my own personal moat. I’m fairly confident Zombie’s won’t be able to swim that far and trips to the mainland would only be infrequent hunting trips. I’m also considering taking a few minutes to “liberate” the biggest, meanest dogs the local animal shelter has and helping them develop a taste for un-dead tidbits. It almost sounds like heaven: spending everyday at the beach, nibbling on seafood and wine (oh, yeah, I’d hit the liquor store!) and picking off the occasional Zombie as they crest over the dunes. I can almost smell the salt water and gun powder!

SM:  I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!

Now I need to ask you the truly important question.  You know the one, if you could be any character on Star Wars (or Star Trek), which one would it be and why?  (You may also comment on which character is hottest the new Star Trek, and would therefore be your personal guest during the aforementioned zombie apocalypse.)

KF:  Okay, I find it’s time to confess- I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies (gasp! I know.) Somehow I missed viewing it, and every time someone responded with surprise that I’d never seen it, it made me less likely to watch it. What can I say, I went through a rebellious stage. 🙂

I did watch some Star Trek and I loved Janeway, Data, Picard – and the interactions between the entire motley crew. I can remember many a night spent doing homework while watching Star Trek. Yep, that takes me back to my youth for sure. I haven’t seen any of the new Star Trek, mainly because I haven’t run across it while late-night browsing.  I stay so busy with writing and photography now that I haven’t even watched many of my favorite shows this season yet, True Blood included! On the bright side, I’ve stumbled over a few shows past midnight that I adore- Eureka and Falling Skies- so at least my late night writing sessions have paid off in some way!
SM:  Okay, I think I’ve gotten over the “no Star Wars” shock.  Barely.  Eureka and Falling Skies are both excellent shows.  Yeah, I’m a bit of a TV addict myself.  And I love anything apocalyptic or with lots of paranormal wackiness.  lol  So, that brings us full circle back to Eric and Bill.  If you were any character in True Blood, who would you be. 😉

KF:  I would say Sookie because she attracts all sorts of hunky men (Eric, Bill, Alcide) but she’s irritating, so I’m going to go with Pam. Smart, sarcastic, stunning, dangerous Vampire Pam. I could do some serious damage as Pam 🙂

SM:  Hells, yes!  I was going to choose Pam, too!  Totally ditto on the Sookie thing.  And Tara is just way too tragic.

So with all the paranormal goodness floating about in your television watching, how about your writing?  Anything in the works?

KF:  The closest thing I have to paranormal right now is a short in my collection Skin, though my upcoming novel Blood Chord (about two months out) has dastardly vampires, and a gifted (but unaware) single mom who’s life is turned upside down by guitars and haunted violins. I’m also working an a ghost story collection of sorts that should be out in the next several weeks – Home Is Where The Haunt Is 🙂

SM:  Dastardly vampires?  Haunted violins?  Yes, please!

You can buy Karen’s short story collection Skin here:

  Available at Amazon

Available at B&N

Available at Smashwords


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