Mythos Monday: Vampires, Raveners and Sunwalkers. Oh, my!


Do a search for “Sunwalker” online and you’ll get a few results.  Pretty much all of them are some kind of thingummy from World of Warcraft.  But these are not the Sunwalkers you seek.

Do a search for “Daywalker” and you’re slightly closer to the truth.


Let me share with you, my friends, the true myth of the Sunwalker.

Millennia ago when the human race was still in its infancy, alien beings visited our planet.  They brought with them technology, art, philosophy, medicine, religion.

They also brought death.  Or rather, undeath.

The virus they brought turned their own people into ravening beasts hungry for flesh and blood and destruction.  It turned humans into vampires.  The entire alien race was annihilated in a single act of destruction.  The vampires were hunted nearly to extinction.  Nearly.

But there was another group on earth which reacted quite differently to the virus: the mixed children of both species.  They became neither raveners, nor vampires.  Instead they turned into immortal Sunwalkers fueled not by blood, but by the sun itself.  Our last, best defense against the vampire.


There are very few humans alive who carry this alien DNA, but there are a few.  Still to this day when a human survives a vampire attack there is the off chance that instead of turning, he (or she) becomes more.  Becomes Sunwalker.

Perhaps, while the city sleeps tonight, another Sunwalker will be born.  Will it be you?


9 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: Vampires, Raveners and Sunwalkers. Oh, my!

    1. Yep. Jackson Keel is a Sunwalker in my Sunwalker Saga novels (Kissed by Darkness, Kissed by Fire, etc.). There are other Sunwalkers, of course, but I don’t want to give anything away! This is part of the back story in Kissed by Darkness, though the book has a lot more detail.

  1. Exactly. You have created a whole new species. Sunwalkers *aren’t* daywalkers but people get them confused. Of course the ultimate vampire dream is to become a daywalker (that is the ability to be able to walk amongst mortals during the day as well as night). A vampire *can’t* be a sunwalker nor are sunwalkers vampires because of the explanation you’ve listed above.

    Good to know so people don’t think Jack et al (won’t give away the plot) are sunwalkers, hence they *aren’t* vampires and never have been. 😉

  2. I mean’t so people don’t think Jack et al are daywalkers. Sorry about the confusion. They are sunwalkers but sunwalkers are NOT daywalkers. They were never vampires thus they aren’t daywalkers.

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