Fantastical Friday: Othello, Warehouse 13, and a Plague of Zombies

Happy Fantastical Friday, my fabulous peeps.

Fantastic Video:

I want to start out with a very special video for my bloggy friend Craig Hallam who is currently studying Othello.  I really think this should be required watching for all Shakespeare aficionados.  And, in fact, anyone of the female persuasion who is planning on doing something stupid over a man.

The world would be a better place if we all had a Sassy Gay Friend to steer us straight.  Don’t you think?

Fantastic TV:

Last night I finally watched Resident Evil: Afterlife.  I don’t care what the critics say, the RE franchise is full of awesome!  I mean, who doesn’t love a zombie apocalypse?  Right?

There’s loads of stuff blowing up and zombies getting shot and people getting chomped.  What’s not to like?

Not to mention I’ve liked Milla Jovovich ever since I saw her in Fifth Element.  Even better, Wentworth Smith and Bruno Kodjoe add some serious eye candy.

And let’s not forget Warehouse 13 is finally back on UK tv screens this coming Thursday.

I can’t help it.  I really dig this show.  I mean mysterious artifacts with magical powers?  Come on!  That is SO full of awesome!

After all, those of you who’ve read my book Kissed by Darkness are well aware of my love for ancient magical artifacts.

Fantastic Books:

First of all, a big congrats to Heather Marie Adkins whose new paranormal novel Abigail just went live on Smashwords today.  Seriously, people, you’ve gotta check this out, it sounds amazing!  Murder, revenge, faeries, treachery.  Oh, SQUEE!

I’m about three quarters of the way through Family Jewels, the latest installment in Norah Wilson’s Dix Dodd mysteries.  Fantastic!  Honestly, this one’s even better than the first book.

And finally, for more paranormal coolness, check out Talia Jager’s The Ultimate Sacrifice.  Demons, super powers, shamans, and secrets.  Got to love THAT.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Supernatural Saturday.  Hmmm… wonder what kind of supernatural creature will pop up for a visit…


6 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Othello, Warehouse 13, and a Plague of Zombies

  1. I watched RE: Afterlife recently as well and loved it. Great adventure flick, lots of twists and the big guy with the death hammer ax was incredible! (oops, was that a spoiler). *whistles*

    Fifth Element is a long favorite, would be better if they had zombies in it, or maybe a dragon.

    1. Big guy with Death Hammer Ax was freaking fantastic and totally creepy. Loved it! Though was slightly confused about the bag over his head. A joke perhaps?

      Fifth Element … I’ve watched it a bajillion times. One of my all-time faves. Though, as you say. It would be even better with zombies. Or dragons.

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