Tuesday Thrills: Adam Rodriguez, Brand New Blurb, and Damaged

So, lots of thrilling things happening this week.

What’s Thrilling Me on Telly?

First off Adam’s back.  Er, I mean, CSI: Miami is back.  Season 9 finally appears on UK television screens this Thursday on Sky 1.  SQUEE!

Admittedly, the original CSI is my favorite, but Miami is good fun.  And my soul sister’s never waning love for Adam Rodriguez is a vast source of amusement for me.  Ok, yeah, so he’s pretty and all, but I just love the blood and guts and MURDER!  I know.  Probably I need my head examined.  I blame my misspent youth.  Misspent watching Perry Mason reruns.

What’s Thrilling Me on my Kindle?

As if that weren’t thrilling enough, I’ve discovered a new writing talent: Talia Jager.  Talia Jager has several books out, all of which look excellent.  I’m particularly keen on her paranormal, The Ultimate Sacrifice.  But it’s her latest Damaged: Natalie’s Story, which strikes a real chord.  It’s the story of a teenage girl who’s life is touched by domestic violence and how she learns to overcome the damage of abuse at the hands of her violent boyfriend.

I think this is an incredibly important topic for young women.  Heck, women of any age.   I admire Jager for tackling such a weighty subject and helping make young women more aware of the dangers of domestic abuse, but also of the reality that they are stronger than they know and they CAN recover.

What’s Thrilling Me in News?

I finally posted the blurb for my second Sunwalker Saga novel, Kissed by Fire.  You can read it on my “Books” page, or read it right here:

Vampire hunter Morgan Bailey’s life is about to take a turn for the weird. As if Sunwalkers,a Templar Knight, and an ancient Atlantean artefact weren’t enough.

When a MI8 analyst is brutally murdered, Morgan is called to London to investigate. She stumbles across a conspiracy involving an extinct supernatural race. Dragons. But the dragons may not be as extinct as everyone thought.

The Darkness grows inside her. A new power rages out of control. She is stalked through the streets of London by the vampire who murdered her.

Morgan must hunt her own killer. She must uncover the truth. Or humanity will be plunged into a war it can never hope to win.

Coming August 2011

Even more thrilling, it’s on track to be published by the 4th week in August (though I’m hoping for the 3rd week).  Hold on to your seats, boys and girls.  It’s gonna be a wild ride!

What’s thrilling you this Tuesday?

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Thrills: Adam Rodriguez, Brand New Blurb, and Damaged

    1. Let me tell you, I had so much fun writing KbF! I was sad when it was over. lol Best part was being able to incorporate some of my favorite places in London as well as Hadrian’s Wall. And, of course, the dragons. 😉

      1. I went to Florida once. My friend took me to a target range. I walked in, signed some piece of paper to say I wasn’t on meds (I lied), and then he handed me a freakin’ .44 MAGNUM.

        It was fun. But it also felt so very wrong. Even though it was only a paper man that I pumped full of lead, I really didn’t need to know that I was good at it.

  1. Actually, I’m a rifle girl. My dad hunts, so he made sure all of us knew proper gun safety as well as how to shoot. We never shot at anything shaped like a human, though. Not even human shaped paper.

    I think it’s a cultural thing, really, being comfortable (or not) around guns. Of course, like I always say, just because I can milk a goat doesn’t mean I’m going to.

    Morgan’s guns don’t shoot bullets. Just UV rays. 😉

  2. Hack Writer Cage Brawl. Only weapons allowed are miniature whiskey bottles and giant thesauruses. Flying elbow from the top shelf!

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