Supernatural Saturday: Ripper Demons, Twinkies, and (of course) Dragons

Welcome, my friends, to another Supernatural Saturday.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of important things lately.  Like, for instance, should the zombie apocalypse ever get off the ground we don’t need to worry about starvation.  Despite what all those doom and gloom people like to say, we will always have Twinkies:

But we’re here to talk about something of the supernatural variety.  So how about some Ripper Demons.

Never heard of them?

Well, now, I’m shocked.  You obviously need to brush up on your demonology!

Ripper Demons are sneaky.  See, when you first meet a Ripper Demon, he’ll probably look a little something like this:

He’ll wine you and dine you, promise you the moon and stars.  Maybe even show you a real nice, um, time  (Nudge.  Nudge.  Wink.  Wink.  Know what I mean?).  Problem is, underneath it all, he really looks like this:

He will rip your heart out.  Literally.  Then when he’s eaten his fill of your more tender, tasty parts, he’ll decorate his lair with your bloody bones.

Nice, huh?  They don’t call them Ripper demons for nothing.  There’s a rumor going around Jack the Ripper was really a Ripper demon.

Okay, so I totally made Ripper demons up.  But that’s the fun part of being a writer.  You can make up whatever floats your boat.  And a Ripper demon was the perfect bad guy to face Morgan Bailey in her next adventure: Kissed by Fire.  

I’d like to say “everything’s better with demons”, but that doesn’t sound quite right.  So, we’ll just say I’m probably disturbed on many levels since I actually quite enjoy inventing these things.

In other supernatural news, I finished writing another chapter in Dragon Lord.  I gotta say I’m REALLY exciting about this new story.  The book is coming along nicely and the trilogy as a whole is shaping up in my head.  It’s going to be LOTS of fun.  Non-stop action, romance, stuff blowing up, and lots and lots of DRAGONS!

And what do I say about dragons?

Yeah, you know it!


7 thoughts on “Supernatural Saturday: Ripper Demons, Twinkies, and (of course) Dragons

  1. Great post, with all the juicy stuff I lik to read about! You totally had me Googling Ripper Demons until I read further. Damn it.
    Hope I ge to read the Dragon Lord story, too. There’s a severe lack of Epic High Fantasy around lately. And, as always, it’s nice to see zombies mentioned. And Zombieland…what a great movie. Look forward to reading some of your work as soon as my Uni reading is over and done with. However, I have Othello to read first, so it may be some time 🙂

    1. Oh, Craig have I got a video for you. I’ll be sure my great Othello video Friday. You won’t even need to read the play. lol Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 Sorry about the Ripper demons.

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