Tuesday Thrills: Can’t Love Every Jedi Squirrel

I swear, Tuesdays can be more hectic, crazy and downright mental than Mondays.  So I think we all need a hug.  Or maybe a smile.  How about some pee-your-pants laughter?

Yeah, think I can help you there.

Today’s Thrilling Video is quite possibly the most awesome eHarmony dating video EVER.  Songified for you viewing pleasure:

Now don’t you feel better?

And speaking of cats, have you read the Thrilling Popcorn Cats post from Kris Rusch?  It explains a LOT about us writer folk.  Seriously, I had no idea it wasn’t just me.  Apparently it’s all writers.  We’ve got all these ideas and things churning and whirring in our brains and … SQUIRREL!

Where was I?

Oh, yes.

Here’s some Thrilling News.  Well, for me anyway.  And hopefully for all the Morgan Bailey fans out there.  The second book in the Sunwalker Saga,  Kissed by Fire, toddled off to the editor last night.  Huzzah!  At this rate I should be on track for publishing the third week in August.

This time Morgan is kicking some serious backside in Old London Town.  That’s right, she’s going ‘cross the pond to my backyard.  And did I mention there’s dragons?  ‘Cause you know what I always say … Everything’s better with dragons!

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