Fantastical Friday #2: Vicious Bears, Torchwood, and Beethoven vs. Bieber

It’s Friday!!!!!

Time to break out the Pimm’s and celebrate another week biting the proverbial dust.  And to get this party started, here’s an epic rap battle: Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven (WARNING: May include naughty language.  Also, Justin Bieber’s ass getting handed to him on a platter.)

Think that’s funny?  You should have seen Ghengis Khan go at it with the Easter Bunny.  But that’s another story …

Friday Book Club:

This week I’m reading Tony James Slater’s hilarious ode to his life in Ecuador, That Bear Ate My Pants (Also available over at Amazon UK.).  And let me tell you, it’s pee-your-pants funny.  It’s like a travelogue gone horribly amuck.  Brilliant.   

Torchwood Is Back!

Yes, my friends.  After lo, these many years, Torchwood is finally back on our tellys.  I recorded last night’s episode, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

I know, I know.  Give a girl a break.  But would you rather I watch Torchwood?  Or work on my next novel?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to it.  How can I not?


I’ve finally made some decisions about my current non-Morgan WIP (That’s Work In Progress).  Remember the post-apocalyptic paranormal with a twist of romance (and dragons) I’ve been working on?

It’s going to be a trilogy.  The first one will be titled Dragon Lord, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  You know, for an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it kind of story.

There will be dragons.  There will be Marines.  There will be swords and magic and mayhem and some hot sexxoring.  

Yeah, baby!

But not to worry, I’m still working on The Sunwalker Saga and there will still be six books released over the next year or two.  ‘Cause that’s the way I roll.

Happy Friday, everyone!  (And save some Pimm’s for me!)


3 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday #2: Vicious Bears, Torchwood, and Beethoven vs. Bieber

  1. I love travelogues! My fav Japan Ai: A Tall Girls Adventures in Japan. It’s hysterical. I don’t have cabel so no Torchwood for me- yet. I’ll be at comic con next week, where there will be a Torchwood panel! YAY!
    Your book sounds very interesing- I love dragons, Marines,mayhem, and sexxoring.

    1. Trust me, Tony’s book is hysterically funny. He has that wonderfully snarky British humor that just cracks me up!

      Fortunately in the UK Torchwood in on the BBC, which means we don’t need cable. I believe it may eventually be on Public Broadcasting maybe? Or certainly Netflicks (my cousin gets it that way as she doesn’t have cable either). But I’m jealous of you getting to see the Torchwood panel!

      I’ll definitely keep you all posted on this book. It will certainly be out before Christmas. But first the second Sunwalker book which is being published in August. THEN I should know when Dragon Lord will be published.:-)

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