Thursday Chills: The Zombies Are Coming!

I’m fairly certain the world is going to end in a zombie apocalypse.  Which is better than some sort of pandemic because I might actually have a hope in heck of surviving a zombie invasion.  I can cook over a campfire, I know which berries NOT to eat, I’m not a bad shot with a rifle and my parents live in North Idaho.  Perfect place to wait out a zombie apocalypse, if you ask me

Believe it or not, I have yet to write a tale involving zombies.  You’d think with my zombie obsession, I would, but I prefer to leave zombies to the experts.

Like the tasty Jack Wallen.  And by tasty, I mean his brains are tasty.  Or they will be once, you know, we all turn into zombies.  His first zombie novel I Zombie I is a cracking good read.  The zombie apocalypse told from the viewpoint of, well, the zombie.  I can’t wait for the second book in the series (And yes, I’ve threatened Jack with great bodily harm on numerous occasions.)

For those of you who love a good zombie-apocalypse-paranormal-romance mash-up (That would be me!), the Envy Chronicles by Joss Ware (aka Colleen Gleason) are good fun.  And steamy.  And no, the zombies aren’t romancing anybody (Hello!  They’re zombies.), but there’s some hot sexxoring going on amongst the various human (non-zombie) characters.

Let’s not forget Jesse Petersen’s hilarious tales of the zombie apocalypse: Married With Zombies, Flip This Zombie, and Eat Slay Love.  If the zombie apocalypse were a sitcom, it would be these books.

Heck, even the classics are getting a zombie makeover.  Make-under?  Make-deader?

What is it about zombies that so captures our attention?  Our imagination?  Is it because they tap into our fears?  Of chaos.  Of lack of control.  Of the end of life as we know it.  Is it because zombies are simple, as is fighting them, and life is complicated?

Or maybe it’s just because they’re good fun.

What are your favorite zombie apocalypse novels?  And why do YOU think we’re so fascinated with zombies?

P.S.  This is in no way chilling but check out my interview on Three-Way Thursday over on Karen Fowler’s blog.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll run screaming…

11 thoughts on “Thursday Chills: The Zombies Are Coming!

    1. I’ve heard that one’s good. And I saw Max Brooks in an interview for a documentary about surviving the apocalypse. He’s ridiculously cool. In a geeky kind of way. lol

  1. I have World War Z on my shelf. Hubs read it and told me I should read it, but I haven’t managed to grab it yet. I’m not sure I can put my finger on my favorite, seems like I haven’t read a good zombie tale in a long while. I Zombie I is on my TBR list too. So many books so little time.

    To your other point, sometimes it’s hard to write something you really enjoy reading or watching. I adore vampire stories, but I haven’t written one yet because I just haven’t thought of anything new to say with them. I’m so afraid of writing something ridiculously derivative that I’ve avoided it entirely. I will get around to a vampire story one of these days though. I’m sure your zombie story is down the road somewhere as well. 🙂

    1. You’re probably right about that. As you know, I’m nuts about post-apocalyptic novels and have two such series in the works. Zombies can’t be far behind! lol

      And I Zombie I is definitely worth the read.

  2. Did you watch new Torchwood (on BBC last night)? If so what did you think? Don’t want to post any spoilers, but for me it raised questions about “zombie types” that are occurring. They don’t follow strict zombie genre rules but share traits such as representing societies fears and paranoia…

    1. I had guests over so had to record it. Not to worry, it’s waiting for me! lol I did have some idea it involved the “undead” or something similar so I’m really keen to watch now.

  3. Man, I sure do love zombies. World War Z is one of my favourite zombie books. It’s incredibly well written. Im definitely going to look into Married with Zombies. It sounds excellent.

    I did a little ZEV (Zombie Eyed View) story called ‘March of the Broken’ once upon a time (shameless self promotion). It was a little short t)h, but it made it into Murky Depths so it cant have been all bad. Or they really needed filler that month 🙂


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