Tuesday Thrills: The Sky Is Falling and My Preciousssss

Short post for today’s Tuesday Thrills.  It’s not that there aren’t things that are thrilling me this week, but more I’ve got so much thrilling going on I’m losing my friggin’ mind!

Good thing it hasn’t got too far to go.

The first thing that’s thrilled me this week is Deborah Geary’s delightful novella Matchmakers 2.0.  Technically, it’s very well written.  Emotionally, it’s a charming tale.  A delightful love story with a spark of humor.

She’s got a couple other books out, both of which I own (The other two are more paranormal since there are witches involved.  Can’t wait to read them!).  I’m very pleased now I bought them all.

Which brings me to my next thrill… My Preciousssssssssssssssssssssssss… 

I mean my Kindle.  Ahem.  I luuurve my Kindle.  Way more than a woman should love an inanimate object.  It’s embarassing, but do I look like I care?

I think not.

But all my thrills do not revolves around books.  Oh, no.  I’m well rounded.  My thrills also revolve around television.

I’m really excited about this new show, Falling Skies.  Yeah, I know, it’s already out in the US, but we’re behind the times here in Pimm’s land.

Why am I so excited about Falling Skies?

It’s a post-apocalyptic adventure series, that’s why.  AND THERE’S ALIENS!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; everything’s better with aliens.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Thrills: The Sky Is Falling and My Preciousssss

  1. How are you liking FS so far? I am liking it (have to catch up on this past episode). We’ll be reviewing it next week I believe on #watchwed.

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