Supernatural Saturday #2: Friggin’ Fairies and the Hamster Dance

Welcome once again to Supernatural Saturday.  Where all things paranormal are explored and celebrated with much pomp and circumstance.  Or at least a fair amount of humor.

And speaking of humor, how about Sam and Dean versus the Hamster Dance?  You know you wanna!

But I digress…

Today I’m talking about another supernatural race that is part of Morgan Bailey’s world: the sidhe.

Yeah, yeah, I get it.  What’s so cool about a friggin’ fairy?  You can’t exactly blame Sookie for that one.

But the sidhe aren’t just the fluffy fairies we know from children’s tales.  They’re not even the pretty boys JRR Tolkein would have us believe in.  They are More.

It’s not that they’re evil, exactly, but they are Other.  They don’t think like we do.  To them, we mere mortals are an oddity.  And amusement.  Like talking pigs or dogs who can

do tricks.  Our pain is nothing to them, and they will cause us pain simply to see what happens.  For their own amusement.

But once in a blue moon the sidhe come across a human who is more than ordinary.  A human who holds their collective fascination.  A human who is almost as Other as they are.  It’s never a good thing to come to the attention of the sidhe.  And so Morgan Bailey will eventually find out…

How about you?  Do you prefer the pretty fluffy fairies?  Or the darker ones?


4 thoughts on “Supernatural Saturday #2: Friggin’ Fairies and the Hamster Dance

  1. Definitely the “dark faeries”! Sure glitter is nice but do they ever sweep up after themselves. Of course not, that’s what mortals are for.

    Love the picture of Orlando…Legolas, the tint is perfect!

  2. I like both… literally. I love it when it looks cute and cuddly and then out come the razorlike teeth, the biting wit (to go with the teeth, tee hee), sadistic temptations, and ruthless bargains. After I get my book out, I have an idea for a collection of shorts involving the sidhe. All variations of them. I hope to find other indie writers with their own particular take on them to contribute to it. It’s a side thought type of thing. Any ways… Does the next Daywalker book have fey in it? That makes it even more mouth watering. I’m so excited to read it!

    1. Sounds like a great project! Something I’d definitely read. 🙂

      The sidhe make a brief appearance in book 2 of the Sunwalker Series. More a cameo like book 1. Later in the series, they’re going to play a big role. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

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