Mythos Monday #1: Independence Day

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!

And for my British friends… Haha!  We kicked your asses. 😉

Kidding.  Just kidding.  Please don’t send hate mail.

Celebrating Independence Day for me is about more than just celebrating my country.  It’s about celebrating my own personal independence as a woman and as a writer.

So many times we as women compromise who we are to fit this mold we’re told we’re supposed to be to gain the approval of people who really don’t matter that much.  We start out as fearless little girls and somewhere along the way it all becomes lost in a rage of hormones and the desire for approval and love.  We somehow believe that if we are ourselves, we won’t be accepted.  We won’t be loved.

If we’re lucky, at some point in our lives we find our way back.  Back to fearlessness.  Back to being Fierce.  Back to the realization that acceptance and love based on false self isn’t really love or acceptance at all.  And it certainly isn’t worth the price we pay.

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.  Alice Walker

As I commented today over on Mark Williams’s blog, “There is a great freedom in knowing oneself. And an even greater freedom in embracing it.”

Let’s start this celebration of Independence off with a bang.  Here’s Martina McBride and Pat Benatar singing one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard, “Independence Day”:

I guess for me the embodiment of female Independence in mythology would have to be the Amazons.  Those fierce women warriors who dressed as men, rode as men, and owed their lives to no man.

Not that I’m about to ditch men, mind you. 😉  But the point is that they lived life on their own terms.

Can you imagine trying to tell an Amazon she couldn’t do something?  She’d laugh in your face then run you through with a sword.

Probably NOT the best way to deal with conflict. 🙂  But I digress.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mythology and historiography of the Amazons.  Which is probably why they make a brief appearance in my first novel.  In Kissed by Darkness, I present a new creation myth for the Amazon race.  It involves Atlantis and a High Priestess of the Moon.  I have to say, it was pretty cool creating the myth.  I’m not sure yet how big a part Amazons will play in the future of the Sunwalker Saga, but they sure are fun to write about.

I also revisit Amazons in a non-related WIP.   Though these are future Amazons.  That’s right, in the future the Amazon nation rises again and kicks some bad guy ass.

I guess my fascination with the Amazons has always been about my own desire to be strong within myself.  To be Fierce.  To never give up on my dreams.

And I didn’t.  When the Powers That Be said, “No,” I said, “Screw you.”  I did it my way.  And so far it’s working.  I’m published.  People are buying my book.  They’re reading it.  They’re loving it.  And that feels darn good.

What inspires you to stay strong?  To keep going?  To pursue your dreams?

Remember this:  NEVER GIVE UP!

Welcome to your Independence.

Happy Independence Day!


6 thoughts on “Mythos Monday #1: Independence Day

  1. what a rocking post, Shea. All I can say is AMEN SISTAH!!! 🙂
    What keeps me strong? Knowing people like you who write stuff like this that make me puff up like a rooster and go, “Yeah. I’m a woman!”

    1. Lol! Thanks, Heather. Well, if you liked this post, you should definitely check out Mark Williams’s post. His is what inspired mine today. It’s full of “Yeah! I’m a woman!” moments.

  2. Great post Shea. Great song too. BTW, I lived in Nashville for years and met Martina shopping for clothes in A&F one day. Really nice in person and down to earth. Glad to meet you online, and I look forward to seeing you in class.

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