Supernatural Saturday #1: Zagan Demons, Videos and Gratuitous Chest Shots

No, not that Supernatural.  Though it’s a fantastic show.  I’m talking about THE supernatural.  The paranormal.  Saturday posts are going to be about all things… Supernatural.

I’ve always been a big fan of the paranormal in stories.  I remember years ago reading Linda Howard’s Dream Man.  I was a hard core romance reader back in the day, but before I loved romance, I loved sci-fi and fantasy and mysteries.  So, imagine my surprise when I discovered you could combine them!  Oh, happy day!  Linda Howard did that with Dream Man.  She took your standard murder mystery and turned it into a paranormal thriller complete with serial killer and the psychic trying to foil him.  Awesome.

From then on I was hooked.  The stories I love are mash-ups of my favorite genres.  I guess that’s why I write mash-ups, too.  Always with at least a dash (or maybe a full on bucket load) of the supernatural.

Which is probably why my girl, Morgan Bailey, runs across this while she’s hunting:

Oh, oops.  Wrong picture.  My bad!  (Gratuitous chest shot for the ladies and gentlemen of such persuasion.)  But a genetically altered human… that’s sort of supernatural-ish.  Right?

I’m equal opportunity and stuff so here:

Now don’t say I never did anything for you.

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah.  Morgan runs into these:

That’s about the closest I could find to what I call Zagan demons(Admittedly, I didn’t make up the name.  I just made up the type of demon.).  Something I totally made up, by the way.  They’re icky, slime spitting demons who breed like rabbits.  You really don’t want to run into an adult, trust me.  If you do, you better hope you have some holy water handy.  Burns ’em like acid.

And don’t forget, a demon can also look like this:

Just sayin’.

I find it enormously fun creating new paranormal creatures, mash-ups of existing ones, or a slight twist on an old favorite.  It doesn’t stop at Zagan demons, either.  Morgan’s going to meet up with a lot more interesting creatures, including an immortal Sunwalker.  Woo, baby!

In the meantime, you can check out my first official review over at WereVampsRomance.  The site is finally fixed and working properly.  Leave a comment and you could win one of five copies of my new ebook, Kissed by Darkness!  And be sure to join the site and find out about all the latest urban fantasy and paranormal novels.

And speaking of Supernatural, I found this hilarious video on YouTube.  Seriously, you gotta watch it.  I nearly wet myself laughing.


6 thoughts on “Supernatural Saturday #1: Zagan Demons, Videos and Gratuitous Chest Shots

  1. Cool post! I followed you from ROW80 and am so happy I did. You’re book looks cooool so I’m gonna go check it out now,
    I know what you mean by the way, I was a hardcore horror, scifi and mystery fan then for a while I was seriously into romance so finding that when they’re combined it just adds a whole new dimension to both.

  2. Welcome Sandy. Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you, the first time I read a post-apocalyptic romance I was practically beside myself! I wondered why more people weren’t writing fun stuff like this. So, I decided to write it myself. 🙂 lol

  3. Loved the video! 🙂 Never watched that show, but now I’m tempted…

    I really enjoy mashed up genres too, so I’m always surprised when some people say they don’t like that. Takes all kinds I guess.

    Looking forward to more Supernatural Saturdays!

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