Dreams Come True…

Oh, yes they do!

Today my first urban fantasy Kissed by Darkness is LIVE on Amazon and Smashwords.

You can buy it here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE


Melissa over at Were Vamps Romance  is interviewing me today.  She has given Kissed by Darkness a 5/5 review.  SQUEE!  Stop by her blog because she’s running a contest today.  You can win your very own copy of KbD FREE!!!  Even more SQUEE!!!


12 thoughts on “Dreams Come True…

  1. Good morning Shea, Kissed by Darkness is a good read, and I am truloy enjoying it. Smashwords encourages authors to review their fellow authors from time to time, so, once I have finished the book (soon for sure) I will write a short review for you.
    Have a great day with lots of sales, Pru

  2. Hi Shea, I just finished Kissed by Darkness. Loved it. I pimped it twice of Twitter, twice on Facebook, and I have written a short review on Smashwords. I will do something a bit bigger on my blog soon. This isn’t much, but, I hope it helps. I hope you sell millions.

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