Thrilling News

Today’s post is a little short.  Life’s a little crazy at the moment, but I just wanted to let you all know about some things that are thrilling me this Tuesday.

Thrilling News!

I am beyond thrilled!  Just two more days until the release of my very first urban fantasy: Kissed by Darkness.

Yeah, baby!

You can read a sample of Kissed by Darkness here.

Tomorrow We’re Getting Jack’d!

Tomorrow for Writer’s Wednesday I’ll be interviewing  Jack Wallen, author of the excellent zombie thriller I Zombie I, and the forthcoming superhero yarn, Shero.

But Jack is no one-trick pony.  He’s also got a couple mysteries up his sleeve.  Right now I’m reading A Blade Away.  They’ve just discovered a dead body.  I probably shouldn’t be so thrilled about that.  But I can’t really help it.  It’s a great read!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow and say “hey.”

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