Spotlight: Modern Witches and Matchmakers

Today I’m spotlighting the novels of indie author Debora Geary.

I’ve followed Debora’s posts on the Kindle Boards for awhile now, and she’s a really cool lady. Recently she quit her job to write full time, which was AWESOME (and I’m totally jealous).

Debora currently has three books out:

Can Mick find love for her Losers and love for herself? Humorous romance with a chick-lit feel.

Gotta love a matchmaker.


Jake thought he was rescuing a juvenile delinquent witch… Light romance with a little magic.

Dear Lord, I hope she’s not a juvenile!
Spellcoding witches, ice cream, and irresistible characters. Light fantasy with a good dose of love and laughter.

I have no idea what “spellcoding” is, but it sounds interesting.

Yesterday I bought all three books. I swear, owning a Kindle is dangerous! I haven’t read them yet, obviously, but if Debora writes anything like her posts on KB, these will be a fun read.

You can find Debora Geary’s Amazon page here.


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