Inspiration’s All Around Me…

I’m often asked where I get my inspiration for the stories and characters I write. If you’re a writer, you understand that’s pretty much an impossible question to answer.
Inspiration is all around us, inside us. And it’s usually not one thing that inspires a story or a character, it’s a thousand little things that snowball into a germ of an idea which grows into something incredibly fantastic. Something we have to write about.
That’s what it is for me, anyway. I can’t point to a single instance and say “That inspired Morgan Bailey.” What I can do is show you the places that make up Morgan Bailey’s world…
I’m originally from Portland, Oregon. Portland is an amazing city, full of the wonderful and weird. It felt natural to make it Morgan’s home, too. I decided that if I was going to use a real city, I was going to use real places, too. At least as much as possible. Some places are obviously made up. Fringe, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. But there are plenty of places that do.
Take this building, for instance…

This building inspired the detective agency where Morgan works and which her best friend, Kabita Jones, owns. I think the real building is a cafe or something, but that’s the beautiful thing about imagination. It’s now an the location for an undercover monster hunting operation. Oh, yeah, baby!

How about this one:
Funky, no?
It’s a real shop in Portland called The Third Eye. They sell everything from incense and die-dye t-shirts to tarot cards and crystals. It’s pretty obvious it inspired the occult bookstore Majicks and Potions owned by Eddie Mulligan.
Morgan’s favorite coffee shop is Common Grounds. Guess what, it’s my favorite coffee shop in Portland, too. Yes, it’s real and yes, the coffee is fantastic.

Morgan likes to hunt on the ground of the Pittock Mansion. Bet the Historical Society would be surprised it’s a hunting ground favorite by vampires. They would probably NOT be surprised to find out it’s a lover’s lane of sorts.
Growing up in this city with this view, how could I NOT be inspired?
What places inspire you?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration’s All Around Me…

  1. I often set stories in places I know, because it’s comfortable to do. Unless the location is crucial to the plot then it makes sense to use places you know because that way you can focus your energies on creating the rest of the story.

    We received a review recently that criticised our research, for describing the small town in question as quiet.

    I visited the place in question on numerous occasions and enjoyed the tranquility. Since then some noisy louts have apparently taken to running amok on the streets at weekends.

    My failure as an author to mention this cost us a star on Amazon. Ah well…

    1. How very dare you! Don’t you know you’re supposed to WARN people very specifically of each individual noisy lout that may or may not have moved into the neighborhood? lol

      I am currently reading a novel by an author I LOVE. She’s quite well known in her genre and one of my personal faves. Her current work is set in my mother’s hometown… a small town of about 500 people. One problem: the author describes the woods outside this town as having moss dripping from the trees. Something you might find down South in Florida or Louisiana. But the area where my mother is from is high desert. The biggest trees are junipers. If you drive a good our you do get do a pine forest, but there is little moss to be found. And certainly none that drips from trees. A small amount of research would have solved the problem, but I’m not going to give her one star for it. I’m going to give her two… 😉 KIDDING!

  2. Not sure how one would research the amount of moss dripping from a tree in a distant forest. Not really the sort of question search engines were designed for.

    What’s happening with the Sunwalker Saga? Last heard there was a launch due end of May?

    Apols of I’ve missed an announcement since – keeping track of blogs is a full time job in itself!

    1. Well, true, probably not the amount of moss, but one could research the type of forest and that would tell one whether or not there was any moss hanging around.

      Ah, yes, the launch was changedto the end of June. I made the decision to have it professionally edited and she couldn’t get to it on time for May. Fingers crossed she’ll have it done in time for June!

      You’re telling me! lol

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