How Often Do You Flash?

Well, I’m not dead yet, so it wasn’t appendicitis. I’m also feeling better, so it wasn’t the plague, either.
Dramatic? Me? Never.
So, I’m sitting at my desk looking pale and tragic when I stumble upon Les Floyd’sflash fiction post. I keep hearing people ramble on about this flash fiction non-sense, so I check it out.
It’s quite clever, really. A story in 200 – 500 words. How does one do that? I can’t write a short story to save my life. Novella, ok. But anything less than 35k words? No.
But this flash fiction thing has really piqued my interested. It’s sort of a challenge, I guess. Plus it would be a great post for Sample Sundays.
Have any of you, my lovely readers, written any flash fiction?
If you have, why don’t you post a link below so we can check it out. And also if you have any “tips of the trade” for flash fiction, please share. Inquiring minds need to know…

2 thoughts on “How Often Do You Flash?

  1. If you stick with the MWi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun blogfest there’s a guest post coming soon by Thea Atkinson, who flashes for a living. Well, almost.

    Thea spent a entire month doing a flash fiction blog tour. All will be revealed over at MWi sometime soon.

    Flash fiction is actually a great way to bounce your main WIP along. I like to take a character from my WIP and choose a random object from somewhere around me, and start a flash fiction piece on how the character will respond to the object.

    before you know it the character has taken over and if you’re really lucky you’ll end up with 500 or so uable words of your WIP in place. A great way to overcome “writers’ block” or just to kickstart the writing day.

    BYW glad to see you’re pretty much recovered!

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