Here There Be Dragons and The Fine Art of Pampering Oneself

Yeah, I know. What on earth do dragons have to do with pampering and why do we care about pampering anyway? This is a blog about WRITING. And stuff. Well, let me tell you…

Writing, by it’s very nature, is a solitary pursuit. Oh, sure, we’ve got our beta readers and our crit partners, our writer’s circles and our editors. There are fans and bloggers and reviewers and daily tweets. But at the end of the day, it’s just one girl, or guy, and the keyboard and a blank screen staring back like a one eyed purple people eater.

So, when we hit milestones, achieve goals, or just plain get a run of ridiculously awesome luck, the only way anyone is ever gonna know is if we TELL them. So, people, I’m telling you…


Yeah, it still needs rewrites and edits and yadda, yadda, but the second story of Morgan Bailey (Who used to be Baily Morgan, but that’s another story.), Kissed by Fire, is done. What does that have to do with dragons?

If you read my post Dragons In The Hedgerows, you already know. If you didn’t, Morgan’s second adventure involves Dragons. No hedgerows, but Hadrian’s Wall makes an appearance!

But what does that have to do with pampering? That brings me back to the whole thing about blowing your own horn. So, to speak. Like I said, milestones need to be celebrated. Even if it’s just a small thing, you need to mark every success. To reward yourself for achieving your goals, for not giving up. There ain’t gonna be no gold watch on retirement day. No bonus check mid-year or Christmas party with champagne. You’ve got to make it special for yourself. Why?

Because, fellow writers, what we do is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, we work hard. Sometimes so hard we forget to stop and smell the roses, yet it’s the roses that make life worth living. And worth writing about. So, today I celebrated. I marked my milestone. I pampered myself. I got my first ever professional pedicure. I feel primed and pampered and really special. AND I have cute toes.

What do you do to celebrate?


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