Breaking Up With Blogger

I am breaking up with Blogger.

Sort of.

If you don’t know, there was something of a fiasco over at Blogger over the last couple of days.  No posting.  No commenting.  Nothing.  And essentially two days of posts and comments wiped of the face of the earth.   Worst of all, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I was… displeased.

So, I’m giving WordPress a go.  See how we hang.  Do we like the same things?  Is he easy going?  Does he hog the remote control?  And, most importantly, is he good to have around during a zombie apocalypse.

These are important questions, people!

If you still want to check me out on Blogger, you can do it here.  For now, I’ll be posting on both sites until I get a real feel for WordPress.  And if I decide I like him more, I’ll be breaking up with Blogger for good.



3 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Blogger

  1. Welcome to wordpress!

    I’ve thought about doubling up on blogger, but it is a nightmare much of the time.

    The worst thing is spending time comenting on a blogger blog then being told your ID doesn’t exist and you can’t comment, and as often as not your comment disappears for ever. Ten minutes later try the same thing and it works fine.

    WordPress isn’t perfect, and there are numerous widgets on blogger not yet workable with wordpress but I know where I’d rather be!

    Thanks for the comment over on the other (writing) half’s site. The comment about Americans and sex attitudes is interesting. Hopefully Sugar & Spice will find a niche there soon.

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit crazy trying to post to both places but I’m totally paranoid now. lol As you say, there are some widgets on blogger I prefer and some here, but here seems to be working quite a bit better. We shall see.

      Ah, yes, I thought I recognized your name! Slow me. We Americans are a prudish lot, I admit. Something that baffles my British friends no end when I try to explain it. lol I honestly think that could be a big reason Sugar & Spice hasn’t found it’s American market yet, but I also definitely believe it will. Slow and steady and all that.

      Thanks for stopping by my little slice of blogging heaven. 🙂

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